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Monday, May 25, 2015

Friday , Saturday & Sunday


A mixed bag of all sorts for these three days of this and that .  Were to begin  ?. Lets see… oh yeah Miggs and I Friday went for a lovely early morning walk  the birds were singing  Miggs was doing a lot of stop and sniff so there was a lot of come on Miggs lets walk lol  , the breeze was blowing a nice fresh scent of  Lilac trees and bushes  in the air  and the sun was shining , how wonderful  . We were on our road just a few minuets from the house and I saw what I thought was a big leaf in the grass then I got closer and realized it wasn’t a leaf but a large moth  a Polyphemus Moth and a pretty one to. 

MAY 2015 (4 of 47)-2

MAY 2015 (8 of 47)-2

The poor thing  was struggling to fly so I let it climb on my sleeve and carried him home and put him in my garden in the sunshine on one of my flowers . The moth stayed there for quite some time but sadly he passed away . My day was a bit off because of it I just wished I could of done more for this wonderful creature !

I then continued to putter for the rest of the day ! Friday over night and into Saturday morning our temps dropped to where we had a frost and it was hard enough to kill some of my annuals  boy I should of gone with my instinct when I heard the weather people calling for a frost warning and covered my plants with burlap to protect them  SHUCKS !!  oh well  . Saturday Papa and I went to town did a few bits and pieces there and came home . He then painted the butterfly and hummer garden with  the paint  he chose ,a forest green and is in the process of making and staining the wood seats he is to put on the edges like a bench seat for the garden . It was a  nice day for being out doors !

MAY 2015 (16 of 47)-2

MAY 2015 (22 of 47)-2

MAY 2015 (17 of 47)-2

                One more coat of paint should do it ! Then bench seats go on . I will show it all done soon !

MAY 2015 (27 of 47)-2

                                                     And of course Miggs is tired  from supervising all this lol !

Sunday :  We had a nice day to . We had the chiminea going … nothing like the smell of wood smoke in the air , I hung some laundry out and Papa got busy building a ramp for my potting shed !

MAY 2015 (39 of 47)-2

MAY 2015 (41 of 47)-2

MAY 2015 (42 of 47)-2

   I helped  with the building of my ramp and took photos in between whilst Papa was busy with figuring out measurements and what not !

MAY 2015 (47 of 47)-2

                    All done . A nice ramp for my potting shed ! Thanks Papa it looks great and works well for me !

MAY 2015 (29 of 47)-2

What do we have here  ? three little hungry babies that are getting to big for the nest . So Papa and I put an old chair pad under the nest to help just in case any fall out  to ease the landing for them !

MAY 2015 (38 of 47)-2

Mama Robin has been busy feeding and cleaning out the nest for a few days now ! She make me feel tired watching her do all that hard work !

MAY 2015 (31 of 47)-2

MAY 2015 (34 of 47)-2

MAY 2015 (36 of 47)-2

                                                  Looks a little crammed  and not very comfy now Mrs Robin !

MAY 2015 (45 of 47)-2

                                             Just a random photo of our butterfly flower , it is soo pretty !

Then all of a sudden I hear this huge deep engine from up above ,, me thinking what the  BEEP !!! is that , Then suddenly from over the top of our big tree came this huge jet … a C17 Globe Master air craft ,  cool  snap snap goes my camera !

MAY 2015 (11 of 47)-2

then all settled down again after that and the rest of the day was spent relaxing . So that was our  Friday , Saturday & Sunday .

    Papa is home today and it is his B-day . Happy Birthday Papa . It is to be a cloudy possibly rainy day , we are going to be in town for the afternoon  but the morning we  will be chillin and relaxing and planning our days ahead !

                                                                          Until next time .

                                                                           Country Gal

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