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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Birds , Critters & Some Wild Blooms


         Things have been slow laid back  but busy and noisy at the same time  here . The weather has been wonderful and Miggs and I have been enjoying all the birds that have returned to our yard , We now have 4 male Orioles   who chat and sing and keep us entertained , then we have a few hummers that love to zoom about from feeder to feeder making their  little sounds and chase each other  about , our Wren who trills soo pretty and the Grosbeaks who sings a pretty tune of their own  along with the Robins  ,  3 types of Sparrows, Barn Swallows  , Cardinals, and many more, the Pine Siskins are here in droves and feasting at the feeders like mad and on the ground  fighting the Goldfinch for the Nyjer food  .  Mrs Robin is doing a lot nest sitting now and gets out to stretch her wings and legs every now and then and to get a bite to eat !  Squirrels have been keeping Miggs busy as they cross the yard to get to their food and Chipmunks have appeared every now and then and have seen the odd butterfly and cabbage moth flutter by and lots of big bumble bees are buzzing about . Our gardens are all done a ready to go for the long May weekend planting that we traditionally  do ever year all though I have been kept busy with the weeds that insist on growing and being the only thing that is growing fast lol oh and the ever so pretty yet intrusive Lilly of the Valley that I have been trying to get rid of  and dig up in one particular garden for that past two years and yet they just keep coming back  . Our wild flowers are slow this year as this time in the past years the fields were full of wild flowers  but they are slowly getting there , How ever we do have the famous Dandelion's popping up every where , Papa gets crazy with them and doesn't like them in his lawn , for me I like them and think they are pretty and give the lawn some colour other then all green lol .

MAY 2015 (32 of 47)

MAY 2015 (1 of 47)

MAY 2015 (23 of 47)

                                                                         Pine Siskin every where lol !

MAY 2015 (24 of 47)

MAY 2015 (2 of 47)

Our yard can get pretty busy and noisy at times as we have roughly 20 different species of birds in our yard and trees at once all chatting , chirping and singing their own tunes ! I love it !

MAY 2015 (7 of 47)

MAY 2015 (5 of 47)

         The squirrels like to join in all the feeding and fun to as they chase each other about and taunt Miggs !

MAY 2015 (15 of 47)

MAY 2015 (16 of 47)

MAY 2015 (18 of 47)

                   With in a few hours of all this hustle and bustle of squirrels and birds and following me about  and fetching the odd ball here and there and after our early morning long walk . Miggs is ready for a nap !

MAY 2015 (39 of 47)

                                                    Miggs put your head down and nap it is easier lol silly dog !

MAY 2015 (30 of 47)

                              I love the moss that grows in the gardens it just gives them that bit of extra wild happing !

MAY 2015 (27 of 47)

                         My Daffs aren't doing that well this year  and they are slow at blooming as are my Tulips !

MAY 2015 (29 of 47)

But that’s ok I am enjoying the ones I have that have bloomed and the gardens will be blooming big time after I plant my flowers on the long May 2/4 weekend !

MAY 2015 (36 of 47)

                            A few wild flowers in a spot of lots of wild flowers deep in the long grasses of the fields !

MAY 2015 (35 of 47)

         Sunny here again and I have to get back out into my gardens to pull weeds  boy they grow like wild fire don't they ? So I am off to do that and enjoy this summer like weather we are having  it is sunny and the temps are 18°C Feels like 20 C or 64° F Feels like 68° F and going up to 22°C  Feels like 26C or 72°F feels like 75°F PERFECT  for gardening and enjoying all my birdies and when I am done have a cold drink of orange juice on the patio and enjoy the rest of the day with my buddy Miggs  by side .

MAY 2015 (45 of 47)

  MAY 2015 (41 of 47)

  I will leave you now with two of my favourite sites  BIRDS & BLOOMS   and   CORNEL LAB ORNITHOLOGY    Two wonderful websites I love to use and read for my birds and bloom .

                                                                           Until next time  have a wonderful day !

                                                                                    Country Gal


Linda Kay said...

The birds are just lovely...and those that are in that group must be really hungry.

eileeninmd said...

The birds must love your yard.. I like seeing all the Siskins. And I am a little envious over your Orioles. And Miggs is always a favorite of mine! He is adorable.. Enjoy your day!

Jane and Chris said...

I think you may have all of Ontario's pine siskins!
Saw my first rose breasted grosbeak of the season this morning. I heard him first!
I think Miggs needs her own hammock.
Jane x

Primitive Stars said...

Oh such a treat to see so many fine feathered friends, love to see them. I too love the moss growing, Miggs looks so fine. Blessings Francine.

William Kendall said...

You've got a lot of company!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

It feels so good to be outside after being cooped up over winter and the birds bring me as much pleasure as they do you.
Topaz does the same thing as Miggs, tries to stay awake so he won't miss anything.
Are you doing anything special for Mother's Day? Our daughter is taking us for lunch on Sunday after church which I'm looking forward to.

Anvilcloud said...

It will be going up to 30 in Ottawa today.

Amy at love made my home said...

So wonderful to see all that is going on in your garden. No wonder that Miggs is worn out, keeping track of all of that must be exhausting work for a busy dog!! xx

Jen @ The Light Laughed said...

I always look forward to those tiny little violets in the front lawn, there are some houses around here that are masses of purple puddles of them.

Finally spring almost everywhere isn't it? Thank goodness.