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Monday, May 4, 2015

Wonderful Weekend


Oh boy it was a wonderful weekend , weather was beautiful , lots of work getting done and then just enjoying , oh and some feathered friends have finally returned !

First , Papa and I were busy rebuilding the edging around my birch tree gardens as we had for many years the cheap plastic grey edging which over time and weather was falling apart so time to go !

MAY 2015 (2 of 25)

MAY 2015 (12 of 25)

On the right of the photo is the grey plastic edging now all taken down and Papa is making a new edging out of hard wood , we did  around the Lilac tree garden with the same type wood last year and it is still in great shape and  it weathers well and doesn't shift in the up and down temps of the seasons !

MAY 2015 (10 of 25)MAY 2015 (11 of 25)

                                Whist Papa got started doing some of it I did my laundry and hung it out to dry !

MAY 2015 (1 of 25)

Then I went over to help him and we had the edging done with in a few hours ! It is three layers of thick hard wood !

MAY 2015 (14 of 25)

                All done and looking nice . Great job Papa  now you only have two more gardens to do  for me lol !

MAY 2015 (13 of 25)

Then when we were all done I was taking photos of our feathered friends who have returned and others who were on a fly over to their destination !

                                                                       First we have the Grey Crane

MAY 2015 (3 of 25)

                                                       He lives in the swampy area over by the river !

                                                 Then we have our feathered friends we have been waiting for  !

MAY 2015 (17 of 25)

Barney the Barn Swallow who serenades us every morning noon and night on this wire in front of the house with his tweet, tweet zip, zip sound  I love it !

             And then we have Tang our Oriole who is a chatter box as well ! The others will show up soon now !

MAY 2015 (21 of 25)

He is a bit shy and getting used to us again but soon he will be coming down close to us with no problem at all  like he has every year and being cheeky at it to lol  !.

Then we have our Hummers  two of them and they are hungry as they were feeding from every nectar feeder and zooming about chasing each other !

MAY 2015 (24 of 25)

They are also a little skittish but soon they will be used to us as well as they get closer to the house for the other feeder there !

I have heard our house Wren Molly is back as she trills ever so pretty about the yard in the trees and hedges as she scopes out which house she wants to call home this year as she has a few of them to choose from lol

                               We also had a visitor on Friday that Miggs was none to pleased about !

MAY 2015 (11 of 52)

A little Racoon who was up in our big tree snoozing , eventually he did get down as I had Miggs in her kennel so he could get down and scurry off and that he did ! He was a cutie though .

MAY 2015 (12 of 52)

So all in all a good weekend of summer like weather , building with Papa and our feathered friends return … perfect  I would say .

                                         A nice nap for Papa before supper  on the swing after a busy day of building !

MAY 2015 (25 of 25)

             Today’s weather ?  well this morning at 6am it was already  a warm 13C  or 55°F and sunny  and it is to reach a high of 22C feel like 25C or 72°F feels like 75°F awesome and we may get some thunderstorms for the evening .. perfect . I love thunderstorms ! 

As you can tell I am loving this weather and all the newness  and return of nature that comes with it and  getting out in the yard and doing what ever  , this is my favourite time of year  late spring  and them summer !

P.S  I may not always comment on your blogs but that does not mean I haven’t read them and enjoyed them it just means I am busy with gardens and things and  don't have the time to comment on all of them as it does take a lot of time to do so,  as this time of year is a busy time , as I am sure it is for all off you ! Thanks to all of you who do take the time to read my posts and comment , as I do ever so appreciate the time you take to do so  and am glad you enjoy my posts and photos as much as I enjoy sharing them and what goes on in our neck of the woods .

                                                                          Until next time . Have a good day !

                                                                                Country Gal


Gill - That British Woman said...

it was a lovely weekend weather wise. As always I love to see all your photos. Poor Miggs put in his kennel, but at least that way you got rid of your furry friend in the tree!!

Linda Kay said...

Great to have a handy man around the house! It sounds like you are very busy with the garden and such, so do enjoy every day. We'll just enjoy your pictures. The oriole is really pretty, by the way.

The Furry Gnome said...

It's the season for all those garden projects, isn't it. Almost got too hot for me yesterday!

Primitive Stars said...

Wonderful weekend, lots done around the yard. Weather perfect, birdies back, love the pictures. Blessings Francine.

Anvilcloud said...

Twas a glorious weekend, indeed.

William Kendall said...

That raccoon is cute, dozing like that. I've seen them up in trees doing that.

Deb said...

Isn't it gorgeous. Just like that Oriole you have visiting. I'd better learn what they sound like to see if they are around here, too, I'd love to have a few at the feeders. I'll be putting out food that they like. I see there is certain mixtures just for them. I expect you do start to cut back now on all the feed. I was told by a birder here that we should let them find food starting about now such as bugs, berries and such.

Pamela Gordon said...

It is nice to know that the hummingbirds are coming back. I heard that 2 were spotted in NB so I put out my feeders yesterday. They will be hungry with no flowers to feed from yet. Cute raccoon but I hope he moved on. They are a nuisance. Enjoy this lovely weather.

Linda said...

Hi Elaine.....
No orioles for me....yet!
Still pretty nippy down by the lake...
We have swallows in our Martin house....
And...I heard the Wren singing his guts out all weekend....
No you know!
Great shots....
Have a great week...
Linda :o)

fernvalley01 said...

So beautiful and green there! we are catching up, but slowly