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Friday, May 22, 2015

A Bit Of This & That



The weather has been sunny yet chilly for this time of year but I am still enjoying it ,  by this weekend it is to warm up like it should be from now on .

I have been busy with gardens  and lawns  now maintaining them and my in laws who live next door are away on a road trip with camper in tow through the west coast . They are having a blast and send us emails and photos along the way .  Our Aunt Marylin is staying at their house looking after their cats and dog and Papa and I are also helping with the maintaining of their property which is a lot bigger then ours and lots more gardens . So   I have been a bit absent in commenting on blogs  .

Any who , I cut some Lilacs and brought them in and put them in my favourite jugs , one on the kitchen table and the other on the coffee table in the living room the aroma is wonderful .

MAY 2015 (1 of 40)

MAY 2015 (4 of 40)

                                 Nothing like waking up and coming down stairs to the sweet  smell of fresh Lilacs .

             I managed to take a few more photos yesterday as I am now on the hunt for more blooms in our  gardens .

2015 may gardensPicMonkey Collage

This is what’s growing in our gardens right now so far some are perennial's and some annuals  but all so pretty and I cant wait for them to all plump up !

MAY 2015 (37 of 40)

               I spotted this fungi growing on the down tree in the field beside us so I just had to take photos of it !

MAY 2015 (33 of 40)

                                    Miggs enjoying the cool breeze and warm sunshine after our long walk !

MAY 2015 (7 of 40)

I got to close to Mrs Robins nest and she sat on the garden edging just telling and warning me off  again . silly bird she knows I wouldn't hurt her babies  just photograph them lol !

MAY 2015 (26 of 40)

                                                                                  Lunch for the kiddies !

MAY 2015 (8 of 40)

Talking about food  well ok not worms of course  lol  Our Aunt Marylin who is staying at the in-laws house whilst on a road trip brought over this home made Strawberry rhubarb from the garden crumble pie  . YUMMY !

MAY 2015 (34 of 40)

                                          In return she took some Lilacs from our bushes  to enjoy in the house .

MAY 2015 (24 of 40)

So there you have it a bit of this and that going on in our neck of the woods , the kind of this and that I so enjoy !

                                                                               Until next time .

                                                               Country Gal

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