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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today is pretty quiet for Miggy and I .Papa is at work the sun is shining , the air is cool, soon to be warming up, a lovely spring day it is to be. I still have to watch Miggy like a hawk cause she is cheeky, she will pull her leg around to her front and rub the cone on it every now and then and then it gets messy sometimes but it is a lot better then it was a day or two ago. I still have to apply medicated gel to the sore two to three times a day but at least now she it better at letting me put it on. It’s slowly healing but healing none the less. If I take her out on the grass I have to make sure she doesn't get the sore dirty or get any grass in it as we will be back to square one with an infection if anything gets in the sore, but we and she are still happy to have her home were she belongs.

                         Well  that's all for today. I leave you with this funny farm cartoon.


       Until next time my blogger buddies ,hope you all have a wonderful spring daySmile

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