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Monday, April 18, 2011


This morning was nice , chilly but nice and fresh. I saw this amazing pinkish orange sunrise and had to get my camera in hopes I could capture the true colors before it rose more and changed. Well it didn't change and I captured it then it disappeared behind clouds.



No tampering with the photos as you all know I don't do that . This is actually what it looked liked.


                                    Well guess that's all the sun we're   gona get today Sad smile.

I then proceeded to look for other things to photograph whilst I was out in my  PJ’S  lol . I saw these two Doves I call Mr. & Mrs. Dovey sitting in our birch tree  talking to one another. It was cute!


Then I took a photo of the birds on the ground under the feeder , Well to my surprise at the right of the photo there is our friendly Chipmunk  Chippy  running towards the peanuts I put out.


We are to be getting a mix of everything this week, rain, snow rain, wind you name it but all  I just want to see is sunshine Sun

I know I mentioned in my Saturday post that I was to take photos of Papa’s new wood working machines  but he wants to make  sure he has them all set just right before I take photos, so it might be a bit till that , yeah he is like that some times gota be perfect lol

Miggy is doing well, the sore is so much better , I figure by the end of the week it will be completely closed up and she can have her cone off. WHOOOHOOO !

That's all I have for now folks . Until next time my blogger buddies, We hope you all have a great day !

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Faye Henry said...

Sooo beautiful, Elaine.. I love all the birds and you have such green grass... smile..
We are just a bit behind you, I guess...
Your header is lovely, too..
Have a blessed week...

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

hi elaine! those colors are superb...but have you heard 'red at night sailor's delight - red at morn, sailor's take warn'...hope it proves wrong for you and you get some lovely sun!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

a pretty morning!, we are finally going to get some sunshine!

Unknown said...

Wow....what a beautiful sunrise. And what an idyllic life you've carved out for yourself. The house sounds wonderful. I love old buildings with lots of history. I've added myself as your newest follower and hope you pop in and see me sometime! Happy Spring Ya'll from Houston, TX

50+ Horses said...

Loved your pictures - thanks for sharing them!