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Monday, April 11, 2011


Miggy is doing  very well, she is walking on her leg and is in good spirits. We still have to keep the cone on her as her sore is still healing and no more bandages  WOOHOO ! . She went crazy when we picked her up on Saturday , jumping all over us crying with happiness to see us as we were to see her, the vet , Papa and I had a tuff time getting her to settle down but she eventually did when we got her into the van. When I asked her if she wants to go home she gave a cute woof! as if to say yes mummy lets go home.  I have to put medicated gel on her sore three times a day for her skin to heal and close fully and it protects the sore from germs as well, it looks better and better every day.


                                       She had just woke up when I took this photo.


                                        Today is our eldest sons birthday he turns 22,

                                                 Birthday cake    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID. Birthday cake


                                      He is quite the character the comedian always makes us laugh

  The weather is warm today with sunny/cloudy and rain in between . The birds are just singing away , spring is finally here for good.


                               Until next time my blogger buddies, Hope you all have a great day !

                                              Red rose   COUNTRY GALRed rose


Dar said...

Great to see Miggy so happy to be home, and rested. Cute catch.
Your son is a hoot, Happy Birthday David.
Our trees are full of spring songs...gotta loveit!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Happy Birthday to your boy! and YAy for Miggy!