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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The clouds just don't want to go away, I want sunshine !Sad smile

We are to be getting lots of rain for the next few days, it’s a good thing and yet it’s not. Good for the plants not good for me as I was wanting to get out and do some photography nor for Papa as his work shop is to be built on Fri.

I managed to get out a bit in the yard yesterday whilst the rain held off and get a few photos but there isn't much to photograph that I haven't already. I am awaiting for the flowers to bloom and all the summer bugs and beauty now to do my photography.

I called the vets yesterday, Miggy is doing fine,Smile our vet has been with her every day. I can imagine the attention she is getting from all the young girls that assist there, they just love her, she must be in treat heaven. They said her sore is healing nicely now that it is able to air out and she is in great spirits, spunky as ever so that gave me great relieve to hear that . I still miss her like crazy though.


                                                           Yesterdays photos.





    This little guy was watching me as I was watching him . I stood in the same place and he kept hoping towards me with the look on his face as if to say,

                                         ‘ HEY,  LADY WHAT YA DOIN’ ?


                       “  HEY  , YOU LOOKN AT ME “? “ DON'T BE LOOKN AT ME “!


                             Harley watching the Robin watching me.



                                                Guess she got board lol

                           Until next time my blogger buddies, hope you all have a great day !

                                               Red roseCOUNTRY GALRed rose


Rob said...

Robin's seem as though they like to watch people.

Dar said...

It is a dull time of year waiting for our first blooms. Meanwhile, you do capture some nice bird pics. I still have not gotten a good nuthatch. Applause to you. Lovin' Harley all dreamy.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Great shots of the birds ! And glad to know Miggy is doing well

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to hear that Miggy is doing well on her healing vacation! :)

Alica said...

Great rainy day photos...I especially like the birds!

Patsy said...

I am sure Miggy said free at last.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Rainy days are good for some things like bird watching, reading, staying in PJs and having a cup of tea - all great choices, Elaine.

Leah said...

Just did some catching up - hope all is well with Miggy! I meant to comment on Miggy's surgery - when our dog, Rudy, had knee surgery or ACL surgery it was on the higher big round part - now when I see Miggy's bandage hers is much lower --- yes I can only imagine harder to heal... Hope she is having a good time away although I know you miss her!

Unknown said...

Hey there... We have the exact same red tea pot and bird feeder!!! Spring is definitely there.
Best to Miggy for a comfortable recovery!