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Friday, April 1, 2011


Have you changed your calendars yet ?

Weather here today is sunny and hot, hot , hot WOW! I will be wearing shorts today, maybe go to the beach.

NOT! April fools! lol  I wish.

Today is warm but not that warm, we are in a overcast right now with a few drops of rain but are to be getting sun later. All our snow is gone and it finally feels and looks like spring has sprung for good this time for us here in South-western Ontario.

Not much going on today at Our Country Cove, may do some spring cleaning or just regular weekly cleaning one never knows . Miggy is still improving slowly day by day.

Don't forget about Farm Friend Friday at Verde Farm and now we have a new Friday treat as well  Farm Girl Friday at Dandelion House for a blog hop, Join in the fun and meet new bloggers and have a nose around their blogs it’s a great way to get connected to others.

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                                      Until next time my blogger buddies, Have a wonderful day !

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Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

You had me going there for a second with that first sentence. Glad you are seeing some signs of spring.

Alica @ Happily Married to the Cows said...

Wish I could say it's shorts weather here! We had snow this morning :( but now it's just damp and cold. NExt week should be better! Happy April to you!

Rob said...

You have a wonderful day too. Glad to hear your weather is starting to pick up a bit now.

Leontien said...

Funny.... Please bring me some SPRING!!!

Happy April Fool's day!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Elaine, I was wondering if Mother Nature had played a joke on you - glad it didn't go the opposite way. Enjoy the weekend.

Vicki said...

Love your blog...The dog is just too sweet!

Teresa said...

Glad you are getting some nice spring weather!