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Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have been testing and learning using manual and manual focus on my Nikon D60. I had always used auto as I  am still learning digital. Well I have ventured away from auto and am now taking and practicing in manual . I still have a lot to learn of my camera but thanx to Papa  who has the patience of a saint and who is teaching me, I am venturing out on my own and taking as many photos in manual as I can testing all the settings!  Here are just a few photos that I have taken that I think aren't to bad and that I am proud of for the first attempted at manual photography ! 



  Our little nut hatch, we have three of them here !




                        My Christmas cactus! It blooms early !


These are just a few photos I took in manual mode, I will be practicing in this mode every time I photograph something !  

                                      Have a great day ! 


Patsy said...

Your Christmas Cactus is a lovely color and it is fun to have a new camera, great photo's

Verde Farm said...

Really nice job! I love the jay and the nut bowl. Looks like you're doing great :)

Gail said...

Great job!

Country Gal said...

Thanx everyone, I have had the camera for some time but just never got away from the auto settings till now ! There is so much more I can do in manual setting !

Rob said...

Practise makes perfect! I like your Christmas Cactus.

Heritage Farm Village said...

good idea! i have been a bit lazy and haven't read the manual but i change the settings to explore. especially in the evening when auto doesn't do the job. love your nuthatches! such sweeties. jill

Janet, said...

I love your pictures of your birds. In the winter I take lots of pictures at our bird feeders, we find that the tufted titmouse is the one that likes to eat our peanuts. He's a real character.