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Sunday, October 31, 2010


If you like hand crafted wood workings,  Papa has a blog to share with all of you of his wood work that he has been busy making. He is now making lots of wonderful things hehe and the best thing is I get to display them around the house and have all kinds  of ideas and things I would like him to make. Great job Papa! they are all wonderful!


Papa also has a blog of his Astronomy, photos of  this are called Astro photography If you like the night skies and want to see photos of stars, planets and galaxies that Papa took check out his Astro photography blog  , his photos are also wonderful, it's a whole new and beautiful world out there !



Faye Henry said...

Hi... just jotted over and admired all the lovely crafts.. He has been a busy man.. I keep trying to get my hubby to get back at the wood working but I think after doing the shop this past summer he has gone on strike..lol...
Take care...

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Wow! I just returned and the wood workin' is just amazin'!!!

Thanks for the share sweetie!!!

God bless ya and have a magnificent day! :o)

Patsy said...

I went to the Astronomy photo's and they are beautiful. He has great wood works.