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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Holly molly, the wind has been wild here. It got so windy last night  that we thought a tornado was to form and possibly hit, close call  it was.  Our arbour that was anchored down blew right over, planters and all. Papa had to go out in that wind and take the planters out of the arbour   , hang on Papa don't want ya flying around like a tumble weed!!!   He left the arbour down as it was pointless to stand it up again as the wind would of  blown it over again and may have damaged it . The clouds were dark greyish black and nasty looking. Papa and I saw a rainbow, so ya know what we had to do , yup take pictures as we  fought  the winds  lol.  It's nuts as to what you will do for a photo isn't it lol. I was able to capture a bit of the rainbow but it was disappearing so fast due to the winds and the sun was out behind us so I had to take pics of the sun shining on the trees with the dark clouds behind them, it was weird looking I tell ya, like a scene from a movie. The wind is still strong this morning but they say it may let up soon , as I just finished fetching our garbage cans from flying down the drive way . Our Miggy doesn't like the high winds she becomes quite the nervous Nelly . As for the leaves that we haven't tidied up yet, welll, they are blowing over to our neighbours lol my in laws  lol.  As for me I just keep listening out for that loud jet engine sound that comes before the tornado, I have been in two of them when I was a  child on the farm and I will never forget the sound of them.  So needless to say unless the winds die down I wont be going out side  , and never have an umbrella up in this wind cause you will take off like Mary Poppins lol .       

                               Have a great day to all !





Faye Henry said...

So beautiful!! You certainly have a flair!!

A simply lovely day here in New Brunswick... 17 degrees... Can you believe it??


Country Gal said...

Ok Faye, rub it in lol Thanx for your kind comment !

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos!! Be careful! :-)


Patsy said...

Hope that weather is gone. Your trees are beautiful.

Verde Farm said...

Great pictures--hope your weather is improving!! It's been a rough weather week all over :)