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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It is so windy out there today that it is impossible to do anything. The sun is shining and temperature is nice but the wind is awful, I was feeding the birds this morning and the poor little things were struggling to get to the feeders cause of the wind. I have a little nut hatch that likes to sit on the feeder as I am filling it , I am trying to get him to sit on my finger . I have tried to get a photo of him being so close but he is camera shy, I will have to just let him get used to me first then maybe he will let me take his picture. 

I will be taking more photos of our village soon before  fall is over. I will also be taking winter photos of our village as it  looks like a country winter wonderland with all the fresh snow upon it ! That wont be for some time yet ( I hope ) !

I took a photo or two of my mums lamp may she (rip)  It was one of my favourite things she had. I think it makes a simple but pretty centre piece, Papa and I like to light it  in the evenings and have its soft flowing light in our kitchen.



Of course I couldn't resist  taking photos of our fur babies.


                       Miggy loves to sit on the stairs. I guess she gets a better look at everything from up there ! She always sits up there and waits for Papa to come home from work !


  Harley & Miggy playing, wellll Harley doesn't look  that impressed she always has a scowl look upon her face when Miggy tries to play with her  kind of saying in her way ( ok kid bug off ! ) lol      PS !  If any of you like the night skies I have photos that Papa  took of the stars  through his telescope on our K &  E Photography blog   !     They are amazing photos !  Have a look and wish upon a star!       


                                      Have a great day to all !


A Brit in Tennessee said...

It sounds like you are getting the same weather, that ripped through our fair state yesterday tornados all around, and everything turned topsy turvy...
What a beautiful oil lamp, made more so because it was your mums treasured possession, we are collectors of oil lamps, my daughter having one that looks like yours.
Aren't our pets so much fun ! They surely keep us occupied :)

Patsy said...

We had that wind and it was bad. Not much rain need more. Your header is lovely I hope fall last a litte longer.

Verde Farm said...

The wind has been terrible all over. It scared me yesterday it was blowing so hard. Thankfully it didn't last long. I love your photos. That lamp is beautiful. I love the amber color and I love the glow they give off. So warm and old timey. You dog and cat photo is priceless. Looks like a happy place to live :)