Woods Country Cove

Sunday, October 3, 2010


The weather was rainy, cold and windy all weekend, so I did some blog searching found other great blogs to follow , watched some movies,  and searched through old family photos. Hubby scanned  them in to the computer for me and I watched the Equestrian Competition world event. We had the fire place going , drank hot chocolate, cups of tea and decided to cook up some home made chilly in the slow cooker and relaxed all weekend. Hubby was busy with his photos and other stuff on his computer  as well . All in all it was a  nice cozy relaxing  weekend. Hope everyone had a great weekend !ken and elaine as kids


This is Ken and I, These were separate photos  taken years apart , I was 6 and he was 2 at the time, just one of the many amazing things Ken does with some photos on his computer !  AWWW isn't he soooo cute ! If you would like  to see more of our old family photos please visit our K & E PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG !   kandewoodphotography.blogspot.com


Verde Farm said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend. What a cute picture--you two are precious :)

West Side of Straight said...

What cute pictures put together. I'll have to try that. Love your nature sounds instead of music. Have a great day, jo