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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy Easter With A Bit Of This & That

 Happy Easter  to you all , Hope your all having a nice weekend so far .

Our weekend has been wonderful all though cut short . Our son David and  his  fiancé Cindee came down again for a visit and for David to help Papa put in a new   alternator in to our van , they arrived Thursday evening and had to leave yesterday evening as they had other family to go see for the Easter weekend . The good thing is now they are only an hour and 20 min drive from us and we will be seeing them a lot more WOOHOO !

 It didn't take long for Papa and David to do and all is working nicely also they did a oil change on the van . We had a nice day and visit with them  and a Yummy supper and then they had to go home  . But they will be visiting more often now  and come the summer we will have lots  of campfires in the evenings and lots of barbecues  and patio porch sitting with them here . 😁

Spring is coming along nicely here  all our snow has been gone for quite some time now and the spring flowers are coming up more and more each day . I have mentioned in my past posts that I hadn't heard or seen our Song Sparrow as of yet  but yesterday as Miggs and I were out for our walk I heard and saw him in the marsh by the river he arrived later then normal but he has arrived so I am pleased about that,  so now all our spring birds are back .
We have lots of Robins about this year again and there seems to be 4 couples making nests in our cedar hedges and they just love to feast and forage in our yard and gardens .

                                             The Robin is my favorite song bird .

When you see two Robins fluttering together at each other and you think they are in a fight well they are not, that is part of their mating ritual or dance as it is called . Robins stay with the same mate for life  and the female starts the nest and then when Mrs Robin is expecting which usually is before the nest is complete then Mr Robin takes over and finishes it up .  Just a bit of interesting bird info lol !

This evening we are going to my in-laws  for that families side for supper for Easter so looking forward to that , I make a desert to take as I do every year as mom in-law does  the lovely main course , then we all pitch in clean up do the dishes then sit have coffee and tea and dessert and  nice visit with the family .

We have all day Sunday to putter and relax before the work week for Papa starts again , I have been a bit under the weather and have been waking with a bout of vertigo inner ear is a bit wonky from a cold .  Miggs and I do our daily walks   and the fresh air makes me feel better . Talking about Miggs , she is doing very well and had her day at the spa last Monday and she did very well there as she always does , we were a little concerned as she still has a bit of trouble balancing on the one leg and being on a table to get shaved and what not may be an issue for her now but our groomer Ashley is  awesome  and she did it all on the floor  for Miggs and we stayed and gave her a bit of help although she didn't really need us there at all  but the company was nice for us all and we learned how she does the grooming which was fun and Miggs just loved all the attention  .  Ashley is amazing with our Miggs and they both just adore one another to so that helps , Ashley always tells us that Miggs is her best  and calmest customer  , no fuss no muss from Miggs at all  and we were able to see that . Good girl Miggs

                           Well that's it for me , almost time to go to my in-laws for supper .
                          Until next time .  Hope you all have a nice rest of the weekend and a

                                                                         Country Gal


William Kendall said...

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter--
and to Miggs--you look so pretty with your new hair cut!!!
enjoy,. di