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Saturday, March 3, 2018

It's Been An Eventful Week !

Weather wise that is .
We  had a bad storm of  rain to start then more snow and freezing rain  dumped on us Thursday night into Friday early morning  a typical hello from the month of  March as it usually does especially after the tease of mild sunny Spring like weather , then old man winter knocks ya back to reality 😞.

I will say I was disappointed with the storm and snow on the ground again after having it all green but I will say it was very pretty when all was said and done .

All though I don't think the Spring birds that have arrived already  under false pretenses due to the warming trend and Spring like conditions were very happy with this snow storm as the feeders were covered early the next morning .

         Not one bird was at the feeders . It was strangely quiet  as they all stayed snugged in their beds , cant blame them there I say lol ! I went out and cleaned off the feeders then they all came back to feast , I thinking to myself after ,( now that's better !) .

           The trees and land were very quiet and pretty in the wee hours of the morning at dusk when I took these photos !

As the morning moved along after the sun rise , Miggs and I went out for a little walk after the snow plow had just finished clearing our road and the sun was shining on  everything as the icy snow glistened in the sun across the field that's beside our little house .

                  To the right of this pic you can see our little house Woods Country Cove .

So that was our storm after all was said and done . Now the sun has been shining and it has some melting power to it that's for sure cause all this icy snow is almost gone .

Last nights moon was pretty over our valley in the east . I just had to pop out and take a pic or two after supper .

The sky was full of stars and planets in this shot . I have never been able to get them in any of my moon photos before .  This full moon is also known as the full Worm Moon or Frost Moon or Sugar Moon or Crust Moon … All of these names suggest the arrival of springtime!

So far this weekend weather has been sunny and is to be for next few days  but the air has been a bit on the chilly side but at least the snow is meting fast as the land and sun shine are warmer and the winds help to .

Miggs is doing better and better each day and getting stronger , We are able to just go that extra bit father on our walks every day now and it wont be long till she can be off leash in the yard and romp around on her own .

 This is after our walks , she gets pooped out a bit easier now lol ! and has a late morning nap then she is raring to go again after lol !

Well all our Spring birds have returned but one , the Song Sparrow . We now have Robins , Grackles, Starlings, Red Winged Black birds , Morning Doves , Eastern Blue birds, Turkey Vultures who have a face only a mother could love lol and  the little Kill Deer who like to play possum when near their nests .  The Canadian Geese are on their Spring flight path looking to nest along our river banks  and the Tundra Swans In early spring they come by the thousands to feed and rest on the Thedford Bog the swans migrate  to the  north in late  Spring to the Canadian Arctic and return South to Delaware, USA in the fall. They will travel over 6000 km or 3728 miles per year on this round trip journey they have been traveling over head to and from their feeding at the conservation area fueling up to continue their trip .

So this has been an eventful week  with the coming of March that is still a welcomed month to me for it holds the hour ahead change of the clocks means more day light , the return of Spring birds and
Spring flowers and of course the return of no other then SPRING its self !! ! WOOHOO   HAPPY DANCE ! 💃

                                                                   Until next time .
                                                                       Country Gal


Anvilcloud said...

That full moon greeted me pleasantly through the bedroom window when I arose at 6:30 this morning. Not a bad thing to see first thing in the morning.

Buttons alias Grace said...

Wow, you did get that storm. We were lucky and it all melted already. It sure is pretty though.Miggs oh you are so adorable. B

William Kendall said...

All that snow is a delightful sight to see!