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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunshine , Indoor Blooms, Spring Is Around The Corner & A Miggs Update !

I am soo happy Spring is only 2 days away WOOHOO !  We had sunshine yesterday and are having lots of sunshine today not a cloud in the perfect  clear blue sky and all this week for us  the sun will be shining as well .  The sun is so nice and warm now and it has a UV reading now to so ya know its getting warmer and it rises earlier and farther up the east as well as sets farther up in the west and later each evening I love it !

Blooms, not quite outside yet but inside soo nice to have  . I have my Cacti and African Violets some of which were my Mums and are very old but still bloom wonderfully. This little stand I have them on is actually a step ladder Papa made for me a few years ago and it has an inlay of a purple butterfly in the top  but I love using it for displaying my plants on .

Papa bought me a  new cute little blooming plant the other day which was nice I love its tiny cluster of blooms .
     This  new little plant is called Kalanchoe Double flower and comes in many different colours. 
 The story to how I got this new plant is we were invited to our neighbour/friends house Mr & Mrs H for supper with a few other neighbour/friends on Friday and she said just bring ourselves well Papa and I didn't feel right about showing up empty handed and  when  he was up in town  he saw a pink plant and this orange one to  and thought hey  Country Gal and Mrs H  both love plants and we wont show up to the supper empty handed  , good one Papa  , well I loved mine and Mrs H loved hers so all went well and our supper was delish  and  the evening was a hit and we all had a nice time .

 One of my flowering Cacti which I have had for many years and is quite a big plant and blooms three times a year  .

This is my other Cacti and it is a younger plant and a bit smaller and also blooms about three times a year maybe even more as it is a younger plant . Both are soo pretty  when in bloom !

 Sun shining  , temps warming up, birdies singing, birds nesting and chasing each other about  , blooms in doors and Spring just literately around the corner . I am looking forward to Spring and its blooms outside  and getting my hands dirty in my gardens .

   Yesterday we did a bit of garden clean up of sticks and twigs from  winds we have had over the past week or two that fell from our trees and had a small Chiminea fire  and used my special camp fire starter for the first time that Papa got for me a while ago  , it was nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air and warmth of sunshine and to only have the odd little patch of snow here and there in the shaded areas with the smell of the fire as always was wonderful .  Update on Miggs whilst I am on a roll here lol , She is doing very well , we have been taking longer walks now and going farther and she has been off leash every now and then in the back yard to get her back into the norm a bit more but she still wants to tear off and chase or at least run hard but we have to keep her a bit at bay till her leg is 100% some times she listens and well some times she doesn't but all is going well .     Ok that's enough babbling from me lol .  

                                                           Until next time .
                                                          Country Gal 



William Kendall said...

Cacti are about the only plant I can reasonably take care of!

Spring seems elusive. We have clear but cold conditions here today.

Linda said...

Lovely inside blooms. We didn’t have much sun today but temperatures for next week look to be just above zero. Can’t wait to spend more time outside. Good news about Miggs, she has healed really well. Roll on spring weather.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your indoor plants look lovely, Elaine, and how nice to get a surprise new one! Glad to read that Miggs is doing much better and also that your weather is improving and only wish that ours would do the same...soon!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

All your plants are lovely and having their blooms as spring approaches really does get you in the mood to start working outside, doesn't it? But I'm glad Migg's is doing well too, and has that "spring" in her step too!

Take care, and enjoy your week!

Henny Penny said...

Your plants are so pretty. It's so nice that your husband brings you plants. That is very sweet. You sound as excited as I am about spring. I can hardly wait! But, here the weatherman says all this week will be unseasonably cold and there is even a chance of more snow on Tuesday or Wednesday. :( Maybe soon! Hug Miggs for me.