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Thursday, March 8, 2018


My 💗 of birds has been since I was a kid and I have been a birder for many years, I am excited when our Spring birds return and all though I am not a big fan of winter sad to see some of our winter birds leave  also to have our summer birds return in May is wonderful  .

Through out the year we have roughly 40 breeds or more  of birds occupy and visit our yard and feeders . I   am always looking and listening out for them , watching them and hoping to spot a new bird in the yard or our valley each year . We have had a few newbies to the area over the years but they don't seem to stay about very long  thankfully I have been able to get photos of them to  keep in my Bird ID  photo journal . We are lucky to be on the migration path of both birds and butterfly's which is another love of mine .

Earlier today with my smart phone I took a video all though a shaky one of some of the birds we have at the feeders . They love out big old tree that's there and the Cedar hedges all make for a cozy sit and rest area and good camouflage for them to . The video didn't show up as I wanted it to here something would not load properly .

It can get quite noisy and busy in our yard at the feeders . Some days there are so many birds at the feeders and on the ground that when they take off for what ever reason I can hear the WOOSH ! of all the wings , they come and go in waves . I can sit and watch them for hours and study their antics and characters as well as take many photos of them to lol ! Guess one can say  I have gone to the birds  lol !

   The snow is falling again here today but mainly melts as it hits the ground I hope we don't get any more snow especially snow that stays  .  At least our birdies will be fed sheltered and happy and that makes me happy .😊

                                                                 Until next time .
                                                                      Country Gal




William Kendall said...

They certainly do chatter up a storm!

Anvilcloud said...

Your post about being on the migration path, causes me to recall driving from Sarnia to some point on Lake Erie because we heard that hawks were crossing from there. Of course, we didn't see a thing.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

You really are quite the bird lady and have created a great oasis for them!! :-) Like you, I also love birdwatching. We've just had so few this year, and it's because I've not fed them like I have in previous years. A raccoon has seen to that.