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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Some Of This & That

Well we have now changed our clocks an hour ahead here in Ontario for day light savings which means we will have more hours of day light and the sun rises early in the mornings and sets later  in the evenings  . Some people don't like the  time change forward but for me I don't mind it as I enjoy the amount of day light we get and being retired I can still get that extra hour in of sleep if I want to lol !  As we say here Spring the clocks an hour ahead !

Talking about Spring not long now only 10 days till Spring  WOOHOO !  I cant wait 😍    

This morning when I got up I noticed the reflection of the sun shining in the kitchen window from the east  and strange yet pretty its light looked then I saw out the window the amazing sky over our valley and just had to pop out in my jammies as the kettle was boiling for our tea and take a few pics .

       This sun beam or pillar  was soo pretty as it shot straight up into the sky . 

 These are two different photos even though to some they may not look like it but the clouds are situated differently between the two .

 Light Pillars

Generally seen in cold, arctic regions but it wasn't that cold here at all . Light pillars are an optical phenomenon where columns of light can be seen emanating from below or above a light source. Light pillars occur when natural or artificial light reflects off flat ice crystals in the air close to the Earth’s surface.
Light pillars caused by the Sun are called Solar or Sun pillars, while those caused by the Moon’s light are called Lunar or Moon pillars. When the light source is the Sun, light pillars are usually seen when the Sun is near the horizon. While Sun and Moon pillars are more common, light pillars can also occur due to the presence of artificial lights.
Because the ice crystals in the atmosphere reflect the source light, light pillars tend to take on the color of the light source. Cool eh? !

 We had sun for the morning and Miggs and I went for our walk all though the air is still chilly it is nice that almost all our snow has gone and from the looks of the Robins pecking at the ground it has thawed a bit more as I saw one Robin pulling a worm like a piece of spaghetti  from the ground , but now it has clouded over and staying to an overcast  afternoon , hope the sun comes out again for the evening, I do like a nice sun set and it will set  at 7:30pm and eventually set later and later . 

Taking about Miggs she continues to do well strong as an Ox she is and we are slowly letting her off leash in the back yard , just have to keep a close eye on her so she doesn't take off after any critters for now still as it is the take off in to running that is hard on her knee and leg still , she will be able to that more in another week or so but all in all she is doing wonderfully .

  Papa and I were busy all day yesterday rewiring our internal wiring for our stationary electronic devises to and from our computer room  we did upgrading things making it all easier to deal with if need be and all labeled as to what goes where and hiding it all so there isn't tons of wires all over the place as well as  new wiring with good connections and  having it all run from a main patch panel and switch to everything that we use .  The wires travel from our TV's ,  PC computers and other stationary electronic  devises  under the floor up into the wall and to this Patch panel and hub  neat and tidy and easy to deal with if any problems should arise .  Papa is very good at doing this kind of stuff to and I like to do it all with him and learn . 

                                             All works well and looks neater to . 

Any who enough of my boring chatter lol I just like learning this stuff as the future seems to be all electronic now . 
                                                    Until next time . 
                                                           Country Gal 🌼


William Kendall said...

Beautiful captures, and Miggs looks adorable!

I don't like changing clocks around. I wish we'd stay on standard time.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Loved the extra light this evening, and it will only get longer as the days go by,

Genevieve said...

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful sun pillar pictures. I’ve not seen nor heard of such a thing. Gorgeous!

Anvilcloud said...

Yes, it was a little darker this morning, but that will soon change.