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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Some Of This & That Or Just Rambling On !

Spring is getting closer  happy dance  here 💃, as of next Wednesday it will officially be here ! WOOHOO ! I hope the weather gets better to , today it  is some what of an overcast with the sun peeking out every now and then  from a break in the clouds  with a dusting of snow on the ground that we got last night . It is cold and windy and the bit of snow is so light it is blowing about , oh please Spring push old man winter out the door for good next week  lol .

                        Looking forward to these gardens being filled with blooms again .

                                       Early this morning I spotted this bunny in the yard .

  I said oh look Miggs the Easter bunny is early lol thinking to myself , why is it the  bunny that we all associate Easter with bringing us eggs when in fact it should be the Chicken should it not ?! Oh I see the chicken lays them all and the Bunny’s job is to deliver them  that makes sense , does it though ? who knows who or what one was thinking when they decided all this eh?! lol ! don't mind me I think of crazy things like this all the time lol !

Any who yesterday evening just as the sun  was setting  Miggs and I were out in the yard and was enjoying the  sky over and around us in the valley  and watching all the beautiful clouds with their silver linings floating by in the blueness of the sky  as the setting suns light reflected on them and  I was listening and watching  all the birdies coming to roost for the night in our trees and hedges . I saw 1 Robin , then 2 then 3 then  OH MY GOSH ! a flock of them landed in our big old maple tree I must of counted about 30 or more, it was awesome  . They all sat there and chatted and preened themselves , kind of  looked like they were getting ready to turn in for the night  lol ,  no I did not have my camera with me, I know DUH ! but I did get a photo of this Robin in the smaller tree all on his own singing his pretty wonderful song  a bit later  .

          My favorite song bird of all time , they really make my day to see and hear them .

Soon it will be time to put up our birdie houses as  Spring approaches for they will soon start to fill the houses up with twigs and what not . We clean out and take some of the houses down as they are for certain birds at certain times of the season to nest in . Each house has a different sized entrance hole for certain birds so that other birds cant get in , mainly the Sparrows , Grackles and Starlings and Papa resizes the entrance hole with clear plexiglass so that other birds cant peck away at it . Did you know that other birds will peck , spit and some what lick with their tongues  on the wood of the entrance hole to soften the wood so it is easier to break away and make it big enough for them to fit in  ?!  . Huh who knew ! cant do that to plexiglass .

 Miggs and I are enjoying our walks again every day now as she is doing so well with her leg , but she is a pooped pooch by the time we get home even though we don't go as far as we used to ,
 yet !

 Well that's some of my This & That Or Rambling on bit for today . Hope you all have a good day and for the bloggers in the east coast hope the nor-easter didn't dump to much snow on you all and that your all safe and cozy  .

                                                                   Until next time .
                                                     Country Gal


William Kendall said...

Spring seems a long way off still. We've been getting snow the last few days.

Anvilcloud said...

Rabbits are quite fertile and spring and Easter and new life and all that sort of thing.

The rabbit symbol was largely German in origin and probably has to do with the goddess Eostre having a hare. Yes, I am being pedantic.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, cute Miggs. I am glad she is doing better. The birdhouse is pretty. Love the cute Robin! Seeing the flock of Robins is neat. Enjoy your day!