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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Miggs With This & That

 Miggs and I have been enjoying all the sunshine  we have been having  and the fact that it is officially spring now .  Still the odd chilly wind but it is slowly warming up , the sunshine has warmed up a lot and feels good on the face lol !

Miggs is doing very well and went to the vet for her 2nd check up . Our vet is very pleased again with her progress . We recently had the stairs carpeted with a runner  same type and colour as our up stairs and living room area piece which is  called vintage rose it is a bit darker then the pic shows and less purple taken with my  smartphone ,  quicky pic  lol !

  They were just all pine wood and they were slippery for her  since her leg operation  but now all cozy slip free and she doesn't need her harness any more to go up them she takes the stairs well again and comes down well to . Making Good progress she is . 😊

Miggs is also able to walk farther on our walks each week with ease and  also is able to be off leash in the yard more now to and she is loving it .

Our snow has gone for the most part just the odd small patch in the shaded areas here and there , we have some green grass about but mostly brown it is for now it will green up soon I imagine  but I will take it over snow on the ground any day .

                  Miggs waiting for her treat after our walk . Those eyes talk don't they ?!

               Pic below  Harley who really isn't that big on having her photo taken   has been enjoying her sun puddles every day to .

Yesterday evening Miggs and I were outside after supper with Papa whilst he was busy with  our van  and  I saw lots of Robins come from all directions and land in our big old maple tree as they sat preened and chirped and sang  and then  I  realized they all sleep in our cedar hedge that wraps around our yard there must of been at least 30 or more  and a few Red Wing black birds and Cardinals and lots of other birdies to who I knew slept in it as well , it was wonderful I was in AWE of them all .
  I briefly saw  one of our Chipmunks Theodore yesterday pop out very fast gathered some seed from  under the feeders and dashed back into his hidey hole , to fast to get a photo but I am glad he made it through the winter and will be looking out for him  more now  that he has woken up from his slumber I wonder if we will see the other two soon to  we had about, hope so .

Well things are slowly sprouting from my gardens  and I am planning who and what will be going where in the gardens again this year .  But until then we will just enjoy what the spring  season will bring for us for now .
                                                        Until next time .

                                                               Country Gal 🌼


Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to hear that Miggs is getting along after her surgery! She will have a good summer! I am jealous of all your Robins:)

Anvilcloud said...

That carpeting should really help her. My daughter has stairs with carpeting or railing (a rental unit), and I don't like it at all -- for me, I mean.

William Kendall said...

Miggs is recovering nicely!

Ah, so that's the reason Harley appears less often.

We're at the stage where slopes and lawns that have a lot of southern exposure are seeing less snow.

Linda said...

Yeah Miggs, you are doing really well. What a wonderful sight to see all those robins in your hedge, bet it sounded wonderful too. I am finally seeing the daffodiks poking through the ground.

The Wykeham Observer said...

Go Miggs! I have only seen one robin, but that is still a sign of hope here in Minnesota!

Henny Penny said...

I'm so glad Miggs is doing good. She is still a sweetie pie! I just love that face! Harley looks sweet too. We are still waiting and wishing for warm spring weather.