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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

It's Finally Here !

                                                  Spring 😊    

All though it is windy and chilly out  the sun is shining and Spring has officially arrived oh how I have been waiting so patiently for you , ok now?  yup now ...  WOOHOO !   

                                                          This mornings sun rise .

                                      What a pretty first day of Spring sunrise to . 

     It may take a while for the temps and weather to catch up some but now that it is Spring I am a happy camper even more so just something about the season changing officially for me  and all the sunshine and more day light , the gardens slowly coming to life , spring birds all about , buds on the trees and bushes  ,  yes and even rain and thunderstorms  that all comes with Spring   really perks me up !

                                     So Happy Spring every one !
                                                       Until next time .
                                                            Country Gal  🌼



Anvilcloud said...

Even though it has still been chilly, the days are longer and brighter.

William Kendall said...

Cold and clear here today!

Linda said...

Enjoy Elaine...you have been very patient!
Linda :o)