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Monday, March 26, 2018

A Nice Weekend With A Surprise Visit & This and That .

We had a nice weekend as we always do except this one was extra special for me  , for one  it was my Birthday and two our oldest son David and his fiancée Cindee showed up on Friday evening . They like to do goofy pics for their FB page lol . David is photogenic  , Cindee  is to but well she  doesn't really like her photo taken  ,  much like me she prefers to be on the other side of the lens lol !

  Our son David  is a  welder / mechanic  and his  fiancée  Cindee works in a physio therapy clinic .
  I had know idea they were coming down and I was totally surprised  when they showed up and of course happy to see them . Papa , David and Cindee  had it all planned  a week ago, cheeky buggers 😀 lol  . It was great having them here for the weekend . Whats even better is they moved from where they were which was quite a distance and now only live  an hour and 20 min away so we can see them a lot more now , so I am soo happy about that to . 

   I had a nice cake done for me  from my fave bakery in town  called Spicer's . YUMMY !
We didn't put candles on it cause I didn't have 52 of them lol and didn't want to melt the cake ha ha !
I got lots of lovely gifts for me  and for my gardens , one of them for the garden is this pretty wind chime  to add to my others  it sounds soo nice . 

It was a great weekend and Birthday . I had lots of lovely messages from friends on FB  and family that lived farther away as well as a call from our younger son James who still lives quite a distance away but couldn't make it down this year  and  from my brother . The weather was sunny but a bit chilly but all in all  a wonderful weekend indeed . Thank you all .😀

The other evening as the sun was setting I looked out my kitchen window as I was doing up some dishes and saw these two Morning Doves sitting on the wire across the road, preening and enjoying the light of the sun set and the view from up so high , I said to Papa awe look Mr & Mrs Dovey on a date lol ! 

                                                Then I saw the moon faintly in the sky . 

 The sun is shining again today and the temps are warming up to and to my surprise I was able to get a photo or two of this little guy . 

 Yup that's our chipmunk Theodore  , finally he is out of his hidey hole and frolicking about the yard . So nice to see him about again .

Spring is coming along here wonderfully  and we will be getting lots of rain as of tomorrow Tuesday through Wednesday and the temps will rise to 14C or 57F . Then sunshine for the rest of the week . 

    Miggs is doing good , the damp weather and chilly air does a number on her leg we have noticed  and she gets stiff and sore and has a bit of a tougher time walking but she is still coming along well, we think it will just take longer then we had hoped . She is going in to get groomed later today and we hoping she can handle it cause she needs a bath and her nails and fur clipped , we may have to stay this time and help out  our groomer with her  this time just for Miggs safety and peace of mind for us  to  .

 Well that's about it for me for now , oh yeah  David and Cindee are coming down again this coming weekend which is a  long weekend our Easter weekend 😀 David and Papa are replacing the alternator in our van and us girls will get up to .. well .. girl stuff lol !

                                               Until next time . 
                                                      Country Gal    


Lois Evensen said...

What fun visitors! Happy birthday!

Linda said...

Good to know Theodore is out enjoying the weather. Sounds like you had a great birthday weekend,

William Kendall said...

What a good surprise!

I think I've seen the first chipmunks out here- yesterday I caught out of the corner of my eye a blur racing across a path. I'm inclined to think it was a munk, but it was out of sight fast.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a special day!! :)