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Thursday, June 23, 2016

What's That Saying ?!


"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound ?" Well only if your Papa and I in bed at 10:30 pm with the windows open it does .

WOW! last night we both heard a SNAP CRACKLE POP FIZZLE  BANG  BANG !!!!!! and it was loud so loud I though some one was letting of a firework . I took a moment to hear the sound in my head again and recognized it as a tree falling then got up looked out the back  hall window towards the yard and sure enough our south side of our 150 + year old tree had come crashing down . Now there was no wind and no lightning , but id does look like rot got to it and that's why it came crashing down .  I cant believe it after all those decades and she falls apart . We were both very glad it wasn't the side that is over the house but now we have to get a closer look to see if this side is in good shape or not and if not we may have to cut her down and that we both done want to do as we both felt sad that this happened  oh not sad for us but sad for this beautiful old tree as we love it’s beauty and shade it provides in the summers as well as perches for birds who visit our yard , Thankfully there were no nests in that part of the tree this year .

JUNE 2016 (1 of 7)

        Must be at least 100foot of tree down on our side and about the same on the cedar hedges and in the field beside us .

JUNE 2016 (2 of 7)

JUNE 2016 (3 of 7)

JUNE 2016 (4 of 7)

JUNE 2016 (5 of 7)

I didn't want to get to close to take photos just incase , one never knows if it has finished falling as it is hanging and leaning there for now ! Papa and I have a big clean up of this to do now .

JUNE 2016 (6 of 7)

                                            This is  part of the tree on and in the cedar hedges and over in the field .

JUNE 2016 (7 of 7)

The big empty spot here on the left is where this huge branch was all full  and huge  it covered the entire area when it was there but now nothing empty and bare .

         So now onto the clean up and hope the rest of this beautiful old 150+ tree is healthy ! I would hate to loose it !

                                                                                      Until next time .



Gill - That British Woman said...

they also make an eerie creaking, groaning sound when they fall as well, very strange. Such a shame it has fallen down.

Anvilcloud said...

Oh dear, that branch does look pretty rotten in the picture.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Oh no, what a shame it fell down, but thank goodness it didn't fall onto your house or sheds. Hope the rest of the tree can be saved.

Linda said...

Oh dear Elaine...I have the same worries out at the cottage...
I know that most of the nearly 200 year old Maples are probably dead, but continue to leaf out...if they fall, YIKES!! Would most likely be on the cottage!! I have been negligent having the arborist out to trim etc...on my to do list for the Fall...
Thank goodness it did not fall on the house...
Lots of firewood, eh?
Keep us posted...
Linda :o)

Margaret Adamson said...

Oh dear. Immagine you hearing it fall when you wre in bed Ginny,

Pamela Gordon said...

Oh that is a shame Elaine. I'm glad there was no one out there when it came crashing down though! I'd think if the other part kind of leans toward your house that you should remove it as well. All it will take is a big wind to weaken it. That will be a big clean up job for sure.

William Kendall said...

Sad to see. If there are any nests in the other part, you might have to wait a few weeks.

Amy at love made my home said...

Oh my goodness. Such a shock. I am glad that you and your home are OK. I am sure that you and Papa will soon have the wood all cleared up.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Ooh dear, I'm sorry that you have lost your beautiful tree, but happy that no-one was hurt. Lots of cleanup ahead now.

Buttons Thoughts said...

It was a bad storm and it is so sad to see this happen. We lost many many oak trees. Glad you were safe. Great shots. Hug B