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Friday, June 3, 2016



Yup that's what I am doing  now sitting back and enjoying all our hard work with the gardens  , Papa is to in the evenings and weekends now that he has finished working on a friends roof   ,  he is now working on my picket fences  puttering in his shop witch he loves to do . Everything is growing and blooming well . I have been enjoying all the birds at the feeders and under the feeders to , watching the new babies learn from mum and dad how to catch bugs and peck for worms and grubs , Alvin our chipmunk has been busy collecting seed from his flat feeder to back and forth up and down the tree where he stores it all lol !

I have switched the feeders to Safflower seed to keep all the black birds off as they don't like it but all the other birds do and it gives the smaller birds a better quieter time at the feeders instead of being chased off  by black birds  , I still have my Nyjer feeders to for the Gold finches who have now returned from nesting already  they had disappeared for a few weeks  .

Talking about birds , we have this Catbird who has taken residents in our yard and all our trees , he fly's from tree to tree singing his heart out loud and proud all day and evening  I do like his song even the meow sound  he does from time to time  lol !

So I set up my lawn chair to catch a few rays of sun , and well guess who wanted to do the same . Miggs does this every summer I first set up my law chair  .

                                                             JUNE 2016 (1 of 48)

                            Miggs if your going to get some sun on here you have to have your hat on  Missy .

JUNE 2016 (6 of 48)

                              So whilst Miggs  was sunning with her hat on  ,I went about taking more photos as she watched me .  she is also looking forward to going to the groomers tomorrow  for her summer doo   all I have to say is Miggs are you going for a doggy day spa at Lynn's  and she smiles just like this lol !

JUNE 2016 (7 of 48)JUNE 2016 (8 of 48)JUNE 2016 (9 of 48)                             A few annual's  above to spruce up an area that I haven't decided what perennials to get for this space .

JUNE 2016 (12 of 48)

JUNE 2016 (13 of 48)JUNE 2016 (14 of 48)

     I love Pansies so I bought more perennial jump n jive they are called  in different colours  these are hardy littlie flowers .

JUNE 2016 (11 of 48)

JUNE 2016 (16 of 48)

Above is one of my Sage plants in the butterfly  garden  that is  all growing well this year now that they have all been established  and starting to bloom one at a time for now till they will all be in bloom together  oh I cant wait .

JUNE 2016 (15 of 48)                                 More of these Alpine Asters I bought have bloomed now to since I took this photo .

JUNE 2016 (21 of 48)

I love this little bench Papa made  a year or two ago out of left over cedar branches from our hedge we trimmed and cut way back .

JUNE 2016 (22 of 48)

After two years struggling with my driveway garden getting rid of the ever over taking Lilly of the valley I have finally got a handle on it and things are looking good and growing nicely now .  I have  Two rose of Sharon's in it growing  , butterfly weed lots of that one of my  Peony plants  and these interesting Bachelor buttons .

JUNE 2016 (24 of 48)

                                 I have also added a corner trellis with this planter on to give a bit of a different look !

JUNE 2016 (27 of 48)

                                                    Heard this one Goose flying over as he honked his way past !

JUNE 2016 (29 of 48)

                                                                        Chipmunks and Birds oh my !

JUNE 2016 (32 of 48)

JUNE 2016 (35 of 48)

                                                 This is the young Dove that has been nesting in our Birch tree !

JUNE 2016 (37 of 48)

                                                                                  They love Safflower seed !

JUNE 2016 (38 of 48)

JUNE 2016 (41 of 48)

JUNE 2016 (43 of 48)

The Hummers and Oriels have also been busy at my nectar feeders but have also been feasting on the fly lol so still yet to get more photos of them lol .

So basically this is what's been going on when I am not here  lots of  my favorite things , Birds Blooms and Critters  and soon to be bees and butterfly's all over all the blooms  so much to enjoy and so much to photograph  lol !

                                                                             Last nights sun set  sky  !

JUNE 2016 (48 of 48)

    The Barn swallows have bee busy nesting as well over in the farm just down the road and they fly over chatting away as well as sitting on the wires outside our yard and house chatting up a storm ! If they would stay still I may be able to get a few photos of them to again this year lol !

                       Well this was another winded post now wasn't it ? lol oh well so much to see and share .

                                                                                   Until next time .



HWIT BLOGG said...

What a lovely garden and I just love your pictures!
Have a great weekend now...

William Kendall said...

Lovely flowers- and Miggs looks so comfortable on that chair!

Kay said...

Love all of the photos on this blog. Miggs sure knows how to live the life.

NanaNor's said...

Elaine, Happy Friday to you! I love all your flowers and seeing Miggs in the hat is precious. We used to get cat-birds in Ca. and I didn't like them very much because even though they have a pretty song, they can be mean. That sunset is glorious!
Have a great weekend.

Deb said...

There's just so much to love here. First off, cute are you in your hat. *love* And a baby dove, now that is adorable. Your flowers are very pretty and it looks like your chipmunks are as chubby as mine.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Your garden is really, really beautiful and it's because of your hard work and dedication to it - Your flowers are truly stunning, just as your girl Migg's is in that hat; it's really her!! :-)

The Furry Gnome said...

Glad you're getting time to just relax and appreciate your beautiful yard.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Lovely photos of your flowers. That is a Perennial Bachelors Button...Centaurea"Montana Blue" most likely...or Mountain Bluet. They will reseed themselves if they have enough area to grow. :)

Pamela Gordon said...

Loved seeing all your spring blooms Elaine. You have a lot already! What a cute picture of Miggs in the sunhat. :) I like the bench your husband made of the cedar sticks. It's really cute. I've never heard of safflowers seeds for birds. I should look into that as the black birds really do eat a lot of the sunflower seeds. Have a good weekend. I hope Miggs lets you relax in your chair! :)

September Violets said...

Wonderful photos of your gardens and critters! Miggs is a sweetheart in the sun hat ;) My dog likes my chaise too, and when I sit in it he is quick to put his chin on the end asking for a little space up there with me. Sounds like you have been hard at work sprucing the gardens up. A never-ending chore (but a nice chore). Love that rustic bench and the corner trellis. I just bought some safflower seeds yesterday when we visited a new nature store. I thought I'd give them a try. What do you put in the oriole feeder?