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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Enjoying These Lovely Sunny Days


Yup I have been enjoying these wonderful sunny days in the gardens, doing yard work  going for walks with my Miggs and just sitting back relaxing and taking it all in . I have been enjoying taking lots of photos of flowers , birds , bees and critters as there is a lot of activity going on in the yard  these days .

Papa built this bird house  that he hung off of his wood working shop a while back  all the other bird houses like this only in  different colours  are being occupied by Sparrows all though these are meant for Wrens but the sparrows just peck at the entrance to make  them just that much bigger for them to squeeze in and out of  but this house wasn't touched by the Sparrows  and Mrs Wren seems to think it is quite the perfect place for her , so she is moving in .

JUNE 2016 (26 of 52)

JUNE 2016 (27 of 52)

Seems to be quite the task for her to figure out how to get a big stick into that tiny hole . I felt like I should of taken it and put it in for her lol !

JUNE 2016 (28 of 52)

After some time of struggling and figuring this stick out Molly as we have named her got it in and of she went to collect more . She sits on Papas work shop roof and any perching areas she can around her new home and sings and trills so pretty !

JUNE 2016 (5 of 52)

                                     In the field beside us there is a huge trailing plant with all these pretty flowers on it .

JUNE 2016 (7 of 52)

The sun has been shining and breezes have been cool  , very little rain to  but hoping for some today and tomorrow as we are to be getting thunderstorms we hope  that last batch of thunderstorms didn't happen even though there were lots of dark clouds traveling over us !

JUNE 2016 (14 of 52)

Alvin seems to enjoy this feeder with the safflower seed in it and also likes to go for a bit of a swing as he is feasting .

JUNE 2016 (20 of 52)

Mr Sparrow has been busy chirping as he try's to entice the ladies to his pad , another one of Papa’s bird houses he built  this little guy has been in that house since April .

JUNE 2016 (22 of 52)

                                     Mr Cardinal also loves to feast on the safflower seed and have a little swing swong .

JUNE 2016 (30 of 52)

The butterfly , bee and hummer garden has been buzzing  mostly with bees , haven't been to many butterfly's stopping as of yet and hummers have been far and few between this year so far !

JUNE 2016 (35 of 52)

JUNE 2016 (41 of 52)

                                   Still a few to bloom but coming along well in the butterfly , hummer and bee garden .

JUNE 2016 (48 of 52)

When the hummers decide to feed they don't mind sharing their feeders with the Oriel's at all and vise a versa .

JUNE 2016 (52 of 52)


So as you see , the gardens and yard have been busy and so have we enjoying them all and keeping it all in tip top shape for all our birds , butterflies  , critter and bee friends and for us to enjoy to . The rest of the gardens are doing well also everything is blooming and thickening up and the yard is busy and full of  lovey sound to .

     I apologize  that I haven't been here much reading your blogs as I have been out soaking up all this beauty till sun set and even after as it stays light till 10pm .  I will try to catch up with you all  soon .

I do however appreciate all of you  who  take the time out of your busy days to pop by  read through my blog and leave a comment . Thank you all !

                                                                                      Until next time 



Anvilcloud said...

How terrific to see all of these fine pics. To think they are from your garden.

Amy at love made my home said...

What an adorable bird house!! I hope the birds figure out the way to get all of their sticks in!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely series of photos. No apologies necessary as I'm doing the same thing. I'm enjoying the garden as much as possible, neglecting my website, taking photos and reading.

William Kendall said...

Summer seems to have settled in quite nicely!

Linda said...

HI Elaine...
We are heading back to the cottage Thursday morning....such a beautiful weekend last weekend was!
Yes....we need and at the cottage...fingers crossed!
Your birds and gardens are looking fabulous....lucky you!
Linda :o)

Margaret Adamson said...

Yes it seems to be very busy in your gardn. I love all the birds that visit adn your flowers are gorgeous.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, your garden looks beautiful. I love the cute birdhouse and wren. The Orioles is a gorgeous bird, great photos. Enjoy the sunshine! Wishing you a happy day and weekend ahead!

Henny Penny said...

I love the bird house!! And that little Wren moving in is so cute! Your flower garden is just beautiful !We usually have several little Wrens that build around the house and goat barn but not this year. Poppy thinks it's because we now have a cat, Smokey, that stays outside most of the time. Shoot! Guess we can't have it all. :)

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon, such a sweet birdhouse, Papa is such a wonderful builder... Always enjoy your pictures,Francine.