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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Welcome June



WOW !  June already  . It  is cooler this morning , a bit chilly really , feels and smells like a camping morning , I love that . The weather the past week or two has been very hot and humid  but I don't mind  I have a nice shaded patio porch I can sit on and watch the back yard busy with  the seasons life  .

I have been busy in my gardens and now am all done  with the gardens that are all ready built  , they are all becoming more established now with my perennial's from last year and the newer ones I bought this year  and all are looking good . I bought a few annual's to  put in my hanging planters and  a few in the front of my center garden just to pick it up  a bit more  .I love having a few different annuals every season so that works out .  Papa and I are still in the works with a large picket fence corner  garden where he used to have his deck and Observatory by the Lilacs  , he has made the pickets  needs to paint  them white and  dig the hole for the main picket post  , we have hydro in the area of this new garden  and are playing with the idea of a water feature  of some type with in the garden as well  the plan in the way he is building it and shaping it I have never seen anywhere  so this will be exciting and interesting  to have and see when he is done , then fill it with top soil and get more perennials in that I have waiting in pots .

I have taken only a few photos this week so far , hard to garden and take photos at the same time as my eyes and attentions  are in  a different area  if you get what I mean lol ! But now that I have done my gardens and are all caught up with them  I can now relax a bit and get more photo taking in .

MAY 2016 (1 of 10)

Miggs will go and lay in the hot sun sometimes for a few minuets then she gets hot and goes lays in the shade , She is a weirdo sometimes lol .

MAY 2016 (3 of 10)

                                                                               I see you peeking at me Miggs !

MAY 2016 (4 of 10)

                        Mr Red winged Black bird was having his lunch  in the feeder as they were quiet due to the heat .

MAY 2016 (9 of 10)

Mrs Robin has been busy for weeks feeding and calling her babies to teach them how to catch their own food and pop one or two bugs and worms  in for them to .  All the birds are busy with families now and it can get quite noisy here at times with them all chatting and squawking for food  lol .

Papa is almost done the steel roofing job ,  there has been a few glitches not of his fault and now he is finishing it up this week , so he will have his weekends back  to enjoy and putter  again  .

                     Well that's about it for me for now  , It is nice and cool like I had mentioned  , perfect for a good long walk with my Miggs and camera in hand , maybe I can capture a few river scenes on our walk or some wild flowers that are out in the fields and river banks or some water fowl  with a bit of luck lol .

                                                                                Until next time .



William Kendall said...

Miggs having a snooze makes for an appealing shot! We had some of the humidity on the weekend, but it's cooled off again.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I'm loving that it is not humid, much better for being outside, except that it is allergy season for me, especially when the grass is being cut. The red b bellied woodpecker was fun to watch yesterday as he told off the black birds when they would try and land on the peanut feeder the same time as he was there.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

You are busy creating your new garden!
It's wonderful how Spring gives everyone a burst of energy to to all the things we want to get done!
I'm looking forward to pics when you have time!
Miggs is a faithful helper and encouraging you both I'm sure!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, Miggs looks all tuckered out. Happy June to you!
Enjoy your day!

Kay said...

Miggs looks so comfortable lying in the grass taking a nap. What a cute dog!

Gail said...

The pictures taken are great.

I know what you mean about gardening with the camera. I laid my camera on the steps as I was working on the koi pond. When I picked it up...ANTS all over it!!!

Happy June to you.

Margaret Adamson said...

Good that you have your garden work mostly done and now you can relax in it. I see Miggs is showing you how that done!!

Dagmar said...

Love your new header, Happy first week in June, looks like lots is happening in your beautiful part of Canada!

Linda said...

it was lovely here yesterday too...
But...humidity is back today again...
Few drops of rain overnite...
Heading out to the lake tomorrow with Miss V!
enjoy your weekend Elaine...
Linda :o)

Primitive Stars said...

Yes, I cannot believe June is here, time is flying the pictures, nice Red Winged Blackbird shot.Blessings Francine.