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Friday, June 17, 2016

Finally Natures Nectar From The Sky’s


We finally had rain yesterday after weeks of dryness and hose watering the gardens . It was so wonderful , the fresh cool breeze and smell of the land  as the rain fell , the happy chirps from birds as they flew back and forth playing in the rain drops and the gardens I could practically hear them all singing with joy  as everything perked up with natures nectar from the sky's.


JUNE 2016 (2 of 33) JUNE 2016 (5 of 33)


JUNE 2016 (8 of 33)

I love how each little drop of rain is different and how it just sits on everything  taking in reflections of what's around it .

JUNE 2016 (10 of 33)

JUNE 2016 (13 of 33)

JUNE 2016 (17 of 33)

                                                                            Such perfection in every drop !

JUNE 2016 (19 of 33)

                                                     Looks so refreshing on everything to and smells wonderful !

JUNE 2016 (22 of 33)

                                                   The gardens were soo happy as was I to have all this rain .

JUNE 2016 (29 of 33)

                      The hummers were playing at the feeders in the rain to and were very happy swooping to and fro !

JUNE 2016 (30 of 33)

Boy oh boy are these little guys ever a challenge to photograph especially using the camera hand held as I do for all my photos  but they are fun as they like to play peekaboo with the camera  and are so fast !

It  was a lovely sunny breezy  day today and will be sunny all weekend  . Papa and I have a few things to do out in the yard but this weekend we will be relaxing and enjoying our gardens , Birds  and critters more then working .

                                                                          So until next time have a good weekend and a

                                                                 Happy Fathers Day to all the dads of two and four legged kids !



Michelle said...

You have captured that hummer very well!

Deb said...

Oh, what gorgeous photos, Elaine. Wow!
Hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend. We are in for a wickedly hot one but no complaint here. I just have to think of last winter. "Happy Father's Day" to your family, too. Hugs, Deb

Margaret Adamson said...

Glad you rains came and I loved all the raindrops on the plants but my favourite shot is the last one Elaine. Have a lovely weekend.

Anvilcloud said...

Some terrific flower shots -- especially with the droplets.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

No rain for us, just heat, heat, heat. I love raindrop photos. Hummers sure are quick aren't they, lately they have taken to using the back of the feeder and all I get are bits and pieces of them :) Enjoy the weekend.

Linda Kay said...

Drops of water on flowers makes for a beautiful photo. Great job with these, and happy that you have this nectar now.

William Kendall said...

Your last shot of the hummer is outstanding!