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Friday, June 24, 2016

We Can Save Our Big Tree


We were able to get a hold of the company The Tree Huggers that Papa's Dad used a few years ago who work out of town just 20 min from us . The owner and operator Bill came down with in an hour of us calling . He had a look at our old tree and told us it is a  Manitoba Maple  also known as a Box Elder tree and they are a soft wood tree and he is surprised it has lasted all these years especially as we get the southwest winds from our  lake Erie and these trees tend to have branches break easily . He did say how ever the rest of the tree is in good shape and  he will get take care of the over hang of lead branches and the trunks that fell and he will clean and trim her all up for us.  He will be doing this tomorrow Saturday. We said we will do the clean up as we will want it for extra out door fire wood for our outside fire-pit and chiminea but  we wont use it inside for the wood stove as it is a soft wood and doesn't burn well for indoors .  He said he will cut it all up so it is easier to handle  , we could of got him to clean up but we wanted to save a bit cost wise and get wood out of it for ourselves anyways .  Yesterday Papa came home from work at noon and we cleaned off most of the branches from the fallen trunks  on our side ,other then the branches that are holding up the huge trunk from falling more till tree hugger guy gets to it  Saturday .

JUNE 2016 (13 of 50)                                                             Papa’s in there some where lol I hear the chain saw . !

JUNE 2016 (3 of 50)

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                          JUNE 2016 (31 of 50)

                                               He is a brute  lol  nick name  ANIMAL  from the Muppet's show lol !150921-news-the-muppets-animal 

JUNE 2016 (18 of 50)

JUNE 2016 (39 of 50)

                                                This is what the inside of a Manitoba Maple or Box Elder tree looks like !

JUNE 2016 (44 of 50)

I have been helping once I put my camera down lol and collecting wood to dry in the wood sheds for my campfire pit and chiminea .

Amongst all this  excitement  lol I have been live trapping and relocating  the family of raccoons one by one who have decided to take residents under my potting shed lol !  Papa takes them to a open field with a forest at the end of it and lets them go and they toddle off as soon as he opens the cage . This is the Mama  I caught one of her babies the other day , now I have the live trap set again for maybe another one ready to be nosy and see what I have for him to snack on .

JUNE 2016 (1 of 50)

JUNE 2016 (2 of 50)

                 She was quite behaved as she only growled and hissed at Papa once whilst in transport to her new home ! Had to have Miggs inside whilst this was going on or she would of been all over her and we didn't want to stress her out even more .

               Talking about Miggs .. well this is what she has been doing most of the sunny warm days .

JUNE 2016 (49 of 50)

She had just come from the vet  she had injured her front right out side toe I guess it would be like our baby toe but all is good she has meds to take for a week and all will be good again .

                                                                    So our weekend will be all tree lol !

                                                                                     Until next time !



Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Great the rest of the tree can be saved. You have gathered a lot of wood so far from the downed branches. Lots of nice fires when it dries out. Have a great weekend.

Margaret Adamson said...

You are going to have a lot of firewood for the winter fires this year adn I think Miggs has the right idea. Have a wonderful weekend.

Anvilcloud said...

Good for the tree. Your man worked very hard in the photos.

William Kendall said...

That is good.