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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Busy , But Not Busy or Just Puttering


That's what it has been like here for  me this week , puttering and busy with daily routines and keeping up with gardening , weeding more like and yard work   , the weather has been sunny  cool and breezy perfect for it all . We were supposed to have thunderstorms last night and heavy rains but looks like once again it drifted off to the north of us and to the east , we get missed a lot down here by rain and thunderstorms , one would think we would get more thunderstorms as we are  close to Lake Erie but nope not so , Oh well looks like the hose will have to do for now for my gardens .

The yard is buzzing with busy activity buy chipmunks , squirrels and lots of birds and of course Miggs keeping an eye on them all .

JUNE 2016 (8 of 56)

On our way back one morning from our walk I just had to pick these wild Daisies to bring in the house and I set them in my mums old vase .

JUNE 2016 (4 of 56)

I do love Daisies of all types but the original daisy is my favorite . Speaking of Daisy I planted a Shasta Daisy bush in memory of my sister as she to loved Daisies  in my center garden and it is doing well  will be blooming fairly soon .

JUNE 2016 (11 of 56)

                                  Miggs was pooped by the time we got home after an hour and a half walk , poor dog  lol !

JUNE 2016 (14 of 56)

One of my Delphiniums in the butterfly garden is doing well this year in it’s second year , such pretty flowers for hummers  but I haven't seen very many hummers here this year at all , hope their not declining like the Monarchs did and still are a bit.

JUNE 2016 (25 of 56)

         Yes Miggs the camera will be on you in a few minuets Mama is taking photos of other things right now . This is what she does when the camera is not on her she rolls about and groan's to get my attention .

JUNE 2016 (29 of 56)

See again Daises lol English Daises that have been spreading and blooming since last year  and yes even during our oh don't want to say the W word   here goes Winter , YIKES !! don't want to know or hear that word for some time now do we ? hush nope !

JUNE 2016 (37 of 56)

Our row of Japanese Willows have been soo pretty ever year , we have about 10 of them all in a row at the top of our front hill by Papa’s work shop . They need to be trimmed and tidied up soon . Papa does that with the electric edger or trimmer  .

JUNE 2016 (34 of 56)

JUNE 2016 (21 of 56)

More Daisy like flowers , these are one of my  Alpine Asters plants , I snipped a few and put them in my little vase with my wild daisies  in the house  they are all soo pretty .


JUNE 2016 (3 of 8)

JUNE 2016 (6 of 8)

I heard this lovely Song Sparrow just outside the window when I was putting these daises in the vase . He  sang so loud and proud for such a tinny bird .

JUNE 2016 (50 of 56)

As I was outside again taking this pretty birds photo I noticed a Robin one of the many we have in our yard going up into our big old tree with grass and mud in her beak .

JUNE 2016 (54 of 56)

Well hello there I said to her , so this is where your house is this year , she ignored me but after I took her photo she leaned her head forward out of her nest and looked at me as if to say “ ok ok ya found me now leave me be please “!  ok Mrs Robin I will be off now I said to her . Yes  , I talk to the animals lol !

JUNE 2016 (40 of 56)

The Irises are doing well on our little hill in the front to  they are kind of in a wild state with grasses the old tree stump and the many Sumacs we have in this untamed area .

JUNE 2016 (43 of 56)

JUNE 2016 (44 of 56)

Miggs , always with me when I garden or go about taking photos , right now she is watching the neighbor's cat across the road lol !

JUNE 2016 (55 of 56)

As the sun was slowly setting this little baby bunny appeared from under the cedar hedges , He didn't want me to close so I had to stay my distance .

Yesterday I had asked Papa to stop off at the garden center as I wanted a pretty hanging planter for the back patio as I had not wanted one before but changed my mind  , he knows what flowers I like in my hanging planters so he picked these two beauties up .

JUNE 2016 (7 of 8)

                                          Supertunias from PW – Proven Winners  my favorite company for flowers .

JUNE 2016 (8 of 8)

                                                                     And Wave Petunia's  . Thanks Papa .

               Well that's it for me . Time to go out side and  take more photos , build things  and well … just  enjoy !!!

                                                                        Hoping for some rain today .

                                                                              Until next time .



Anvilcloud said...

I like the first photo because you separated the flowers from the bg so well. Raining here today. Our drought seems to be over.

William Kendall said...

Occasionally I see rabbits here in the city, but they're elusive and tend to scarper away the moment you're close. Beautiful shots!

Deb said...

Hi Elaine - we are having the same weather but we did get a bit of rain today. Those English Daisies are really pretty. I, too, love the daisy. Our field is covered in them Nice to find another little nest on your property, eh. I have a family of chipmunks under a wood-pile and mama house wren is sitting on her eggs in the white house. It's all so cute to watch. "Hi Miggs. You don't have to worry about mom's attention wandering. You are #1 in her eyes. " :)

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Daisies are my favourite flower too. That was a lovely idea to plant a shasta daisy in memory of your sister. I mentioned to my neice to plant a memory garden in honour of her mom (my suster in law). The day is finishing off very nicely.

Margaret Adamson said...

The close up of the daisies is my favourite shot however all the flowers in your garden are looking lovely. Of course Miggs is also adorable.

Amy at love made my home said...

Beautiful daisies!

Pamela Gordon said...

It was nice to see around your yard and gardens today Elaine. I like your variety of daisies. Very pretty. Enjoy the week and I hope you have some sun and all the rain you need (not more!). :)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Daisies certainly make it seem like spring indoors in the level vase, Elaine. Your backyard is certainly a wonderful refuge of flowers and wildlife.