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Monday, October 10, 2011



It is our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. We had our family dinner yesterday at Papa’s mom and dads. Some of the family couldn't make it as they went to other family for Thanksgiving this year . Our Daughter Leila came down from University on the train Friday and we took her back to the train station before sunrise this morning. We were so busy that I never had a chance to take photos and Leila was tired from her 6 hour train trip and from being busy at school so it was a rest weekend for her, as for Papa and I ,well he has been putting up insulation in the work shop and I have been tending to my gardens pulling out the dead stuff and leaving in the flowers that are still doing well. Have you ever been busy but not busy ? well that's what our weekend had been like. Dinner was wonderful as always, we all pitched in to help prepare food and do the dishes. Papa is still putting the insulation in the shop as of now and then later we will relax and enjoy the rest of the day. The weather has been soo beautiful like summer only with out the heat, just perfect.

This is a tuff holiday for me as it was three years ago this holiday my mum passed suddenly so it still affects me, I miss her dearly but I know she is always with us in spirit , in our hearts and memories.

                                         Until next time I hope you all have a great day !

                                                   COUNTRY GAL


Ms. ~K said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sending you a big hug, as I know the pain of losing a parent suddenly.
Love your header!

Laura said...

Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving holiday! And hugs about your mum...I know it's just so hard sometimes.

Patsy said...

Oh happy day!

Pat said...

Glad you had a nice holiday with your family. But holidays are always tough when you've lost a loved one.

Julie Marie said...

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, and I am sending thoughts and prayers your way for the loss of your mum... my daddy passed away two days after our Thanksgiving four years ago and I know the heartache you are feeling... but they are always with us in our hearts and close by our side... xoxo Julie Marie

Gail said...

Yes, your mother is with you.

Sounds like a great holiday. Our Thanksgiving comes in November. We will probably work as always.

Faye Henry said...

Blessings dear Elaine.. I know how hard it is to lose a parent and on a holiday seems to make it worse, eh?
Take care....

Nezzy said...

She lives in your heart sweetie. I understand how hard the holidays are. Last year was the first without my dad but I understand it gets easier.

I'm glad your had a nice Thanksgiving surrounded with the love of your family.

God bless and have a beautiful week sweetie!!! :o)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

It's hard when a love one passes away on a holiday. So sorry for your loss. I'm sure you rallied for your family even though you were sad.

fernvalley01 said...

HAppy Thanksgiving.A bittersweet day , I guess,but as wonderful as you are I am sure you have beautiful memories to reflect on