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Monday, October 3, 2011



I have been slowly collecting cottage style tea pots for years but if it is unique and cute to my eye, I will still collect it. It was my Nana who got me into them by bringing one for me as a gift many years ago when she came to visit from England. I have always loved the little country cottages in England and I love tea so the cottage tea pots for me cover both. I like going to antique shops to look for them as now a days that's the only places I can find them. I have about eleven of them now and still searching. My Nana also  made a cottage style tea cozy for me . There is a place in a small town called Sparta not far from us a wonderful tea house and the couple that own  and operate it also are from England and she also has collected these style of tea pots as well as others , she has hundreds and they are wonderfully displayed on shelves all around the tea house I love that place the tea is wonderful all kinds of tea and wonderful yummy desserts , everything from home made pies, cakes, cookies, scones, you name it they make it. But the cool thing is I have a cottage tea pot that she doesn't have and that's the one my Nana brought over from England for me and that was over 20 years ago.


               Some of  these Papa found for me over the weekend as we were Antiquing.


                This is the one my Nana brought over from England for me.


                                                   These are the rest of my collection.





                                             And my tea cozy my Nana made for me.

So I am always looking for these types of tea pots and display up on top of my kitchen cupboards.

          It is a rainy cold day today a good day to relax and drink cups of tea, well any day is for tea for me I am what we call a tea granny. Love my tea.

                                So are you a collector ? and if so what do you like to collect? !

                                    Until next time hope you all have a wonderful day !

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Anonymous said...

lovely little tea pots...and the cover mady by your Nana so special what a treasure..I don't collect anything in particular these days..but if something catches the eye...Faith @ crochet by the sea

Pat said...

Those are adorable! And how special that your grandmother started you collecting these.

I used to collect music boxes, switched to David Winter cottages (figurines), Snow Babies (for Christmas). Everything is packed away in storage now that we are on the road. I seem to be accumulating Rooster objects for my "someday" home as I like to call it!

Christy said...

Those are so cute! I used to collect Hollie Hobbie. I think she is so sweet and reminds me of the things i used to have in my room when i was a little girl. I still have quiet a bit of HH stuff :)

Patsy said...

Love your Tea Set bet it was fun putting it to geather.

Heidi said...

I love tea pots and I collect them too. I also collect nesting dolls, angels, oil lamps, old china, and old quilts. I really like your tea pots and the tea cozy your Nana made for you is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing.

fernvalley01 said...

I have 1 like the antique shop but that is it , what a great collection

fernvalley01 said...

I think some of my comments have disapeared , hope they turn up!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for sharing your tea pot collection, Elaine. years ago, I collected teddy bears and then friends and family would always give me another one. Still have some favorites but no longer collect new ones as it can get overwhelming.

Michelle said...

I had two tea pot from England, till I broke one. luckly one survived the shelf breaking.It is now in a very safe place. Mine looks like it migh be from the some makers as your grandmothers.