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Sunday, October 2, 2011



It was a busy weekend this weekend for Papa and I. The boys came down to visit . We went to a wood show and  antiquing. I found 4 different cottage tea pots to add to my collection and at the wood show Papa bought a new tool and some specialty woods. The weather yesterday was cold but sunny. I made chili in the slow cooker to come home to after our outing. Today is cold and rainy. We took the boys back home earlier today, it’s a 2 hour drive there and back the oldest boy whom drives is in a car  transition selling the old heap and then will buy a newer one so he is with out a car right now but he drives one way and Papa the other so its not so hard on Papa driving for 4 hours straight, neither of us really like being on long drives and Miggy well , it all depends sometimes she's ok with it and sometimes not. I will post photos of my cottage tea pots tomorrow right now its time to put the fire on have supper and relax for Papa has to go to work tomorrow.

                                Until next time hope you all had a good weekend.


                                                COUNTRY GAL

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