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Tuesday, October 11, 2011



The mornings have been beautiful with light fog and dew and the sunrises have been fantastic.It was chilly enough this morning to put the furnace on just to get the chill out.  I wish I had brought my camera yesterday when we were coming home in the morning from taking our daughter Leila to the train station the sky was purple,pink and orange and the view was spectacular  as the  sun was rising with the trees and the fields would of been a perfect photo but as usual I didn't bring my camera even though Papa said I should just in case ,I think from now on I will . This weather has been amazing this fall ,chilly at night and in the mornings but then warm and sunny during the day with cool fresh breezes.

                                                               Early morning sunrise !

                                                       Click to enlarge photo is you please.


The trees are all looking so pretty with all the different colours mixed together, some are even bare now.


                            The mist was in the valley as the sun was beginning to rise !

                          I think I will go and take photos of trees today with their pretty colours .

For all those whom left  wonderful comments from yesterday's post I thank you for you lovely words.

               Until next time hope you all have a wonderful October day full of sunshine and colour !

                                                            COUNTRY GAL


Julie Marie said...

Just beautiful!... xoxo Julie Marie

fernvalley01 said...

gosh! those are gorgeous!~