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Thursday, October 6, 2011



The weather has been wonderful and it will be continuing through the weekend. It is our Thanksgiving this weekend and a long weekend for Papa , WOOHOO !!! and our daughter Leila is coming down via train from University  for the weekend as well, its been some time since we have seen her.WOOHOO !!!


Is a funny girl with a many facial expressions and oh so readable body language , she really can cop an attitude to boot. She is my best photogenic subject especially when she puts on a face lol.


                                           Miggy when she is ignoring you !


                                           Being a snob and not wanting to look at me !

                                   Hey mum said if you click on my photos they will be larger !


                                              Again looking every where else but at me !


   Then mum gets smart and says   “CHEESE” and Miggy looks at me as if to say cheese did you say cheese ,where oh boy,oh boy!


                 Tilt my head the opposite side I am not to sure if I heard mum say cheese again.


             Ok mum you tricked me for photos didn't you there's no cheese . The I’m not happy look !

   But she was happy when I came out with a big piece of cheese for her and I got a WOOF for please , kisses and a tail wag  .

                             Until next time , hope you all have a wonderful day.

                                          COUNTRY GAL


Pat said...

Miggy just cracks me up!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love the pictures of Miggy!! She's is so adorable, and her expressions are just priceless!! I really love dogs when they are photogenic like her--Some dogs, like people, just aren't! I hope you have a wonderful day too!!

fernvalley01 said...

She sis asuch a sweet dog!I have been having a really tough time commenting here lately , please don't think I am ignoring you ,its just blogger eating my words!

fernvalley01 said...

She is such a sweetie! Sorry if my comments are not getting through , lately blogger has been eating my words!

fernvalley01 said...


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration and gathering with yur family, Elaine. Miggy is such a good photo subject to have around all the time, even when she's being uncooperative.

Teresa said...

Miggy is certainly adorable.