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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Blustery Windy Rainy Day


Whoo doggie its windy today here at the Cove. Last night got right down cold and we had our windows in the bedroom open cause Miggy pants a lot,  she has a doggie bed in our room. Miggy is the type of dog that seems to always be hot no matter what the weather. I tell ya when Papa and I woke this morn neither one of us wanted to get out from under the nice warm comforter , wakes ya up fast though I tell ya . BRRRRR !!!!!

Yesterday was  also windy and rainy so Miggy and I stayed in. I heard a tractor out there and couldn't figure out who or what some one would be doing in the rain and wind, then I looked out at the field beside us and there was some one cutting the field , so I decided to take photos of course I have to or I get what I call “ photographers itch “ if I cant take any for even one day lol.


           All we know is that a TV or Radio weather man from a city not far from us owns this property !

DSC_0832DSC_0837    All we know is there are 24 lots with in this field that this guy owns and are selling the land for $400,000. Papa and I wish they would sell the lots individually so we can buy 2 lots that are beside us but so far that's a no go on their part.


          This is the field where I took all my butterfly photos in over the summer.

    My fall flowers are doing well, these bushes of flowers do well even into snow fall.



                                            Until next time, hope you all have a great day !

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Tiggeriffic said...

I think it's so sad the prices of land have sky rocketed so badly. I call it greed.. A farm near here sold for $3,900. an acre... Yikes~! Farm rent has gone up redictulously ~ $400 an acre..Who can afford these prices..
Lovely pictures as usual ~!
Have a tiggeriffic day~ stay warm.. more cold weather is promised to come. ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Jeannelle said...

Sorry to see that. I hope you don't lose all the natural wild spaces in your area.

Pat said...

It's windy here to in the Midwest....Girl, my trailer is rockin' but for all the wrong reasons! Have a great weekend!

Gail said...

Rainy day...good for curling up with a good book or cuddling.

Ms. ~K said...

Your mums are gorgeous!!!

We love our space out in the country too!!!