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Friday, October 7, 2011

THIS & THAT part 2


The weather has been beautiful all week it has been chilly at night and in the mornings with dew and frost then sun and warm temps during the day its wonderful. I have been out and about taking photos and video with my new camera, we are getting along just fine now I just have to figure out how to put video on my posts . I have video of Miggy and her antics on the swing she is a comical girl. Its a long weekend for us this weekend its our Thanksgiving and the weather is to be perfect . We are having a family dinner next door at the in laws and our daughter is arriving by train later today up in the city from university and we will pick her up at the Chapters book store her favourite place to be drink coffee and read till your hearts content where she will be whilst she waits for Papa to finish work and we pick her up, her train gets in at 2:30 this afternoon. I will be taking tons of photos this weekend.

                                                           A few photos from yesterday !

                                                   Click on photos to enlarge if you please.


    This small air craft was flying over our area for hours yesterday morning so I decided to take his photo, as soon as he saw what I was doing he flew over a few times close on purpose.


                              Miggy napping  in the sun on the stoop of Papas work shop !


                                             The Crows are crazy around here this fall !


                                                             Swooping down from the tree !


                   There was this Bald Eagle soaring high above the field searching for lunch.

                               Well that's all folks for THIS & THAT for today.

                                Until next time hope you all have a wonderful weekend

                               To all the Canadians in blog land   HAPPY THANKSGIVING !

                                                    COUNTRY GAL


Pat said...

Glad you and your camera are as one!

I'm happy to report that I actually know what a "Chapters" store is! I visited one once when I was in Toronto.

I found the easiest way to upload videos is to first put them on You Tube; then to Blogger. It works faster for some reason.

Have a great weekend.

Jeannelle said...

Nice photos! I've been having trouble loading a video onto my blog. Will have to try Pat's suggestion. Good luck with yours!

Teresa said...

Great pictures! Isn't it nice when pilots are so helpful. I love that eagle shot.

Amish Stories said...

Great images and that little dog sures has the good life, and im very sure hes well cared for. Richard from Amish Stories.