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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Childhood Story Books


I was reminiscing  the other day  of what story books I read as kid and I found one book that I had  on my book shelf that was one of my favourite stories as a kid . it was Charlotte's  Web. I have one of the original copies still in good shape.


Then I got thinking of other stories as a kid I liked and have remembered over the years.

                                                9780060242558I did have this one in an original copy as well but I don't remember what happened to it or where it went .

                                  Then I remembered this book I read as a teen .


Its funny how these books I have read as a kid just have stuck in my head and I have never forgotten them where as I read a book now a days and I couldn't tell you about it or don't even remember the title, am I getting old or is it just that these childhood books have made an impact or an impression in my mind. 

    What were your favourite childhood story books , do you remember one in particular book or books that have made an impact or impression on you ?

                      Until next time , hope you have a wonderful story book day.

                                              Country Gal


Pat said...

Truthfully I don't remember a lot of my childhood! It's sad, I know! I remember Charlotte's Web, reading about Trixie Belden, and Nancy Drew. As I was getting older (HS) A tree grows in Brooklyn, To Kill a Mockingbird, and yes, Flowers for Algernon. I was at the Goodwill yesterday and spotted a book from one of my favorite movies: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. I snapped that book up! A bargain for only 99 cents!

Julie Marie said...

Oooh your childhood books are wonderful... I remember crying and crying over Charlotte's Web... some of my favorite childhood books were the Betsey~Tacy series, then later the Trixie Belden series... I still have all of my childhood books and look at them often... I think it is the happy memories they hold that makes us remember and love them so much... xoxo Julie Marie

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Yah Canada!!! Saw your comment on Far Sides blog.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

fernvalley01 said...

As a child we are a blank slate, and we can absorb so much a constant state of learning . As an addult we are so busy multitasking I am not sure we absorb half of what we read or hear. Love the books of my childhood.

Jeannelle said...

Great idea for a blogpost! In early years of grade school I read the Little House series and Homer Price and the Katie John books, which I absolutely loved. They made me laugh. In later years of grade school I was into mysteries of the Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew type.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Flowers for Algernon was my most favorite book. I remember feeling so sad reading it but also loving it. Of course Charlotte's Web is another family favorite. Fun post!!