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Monday, November 22, 2010


The weather has been really weird, one day it was cold like winter and windy, the next it was sunny and warm and today its rainy warm and thundering , thank goodness all this heavy rain isn't snow or we'd be buried in it up to our necks , ok ok everyone else would be buried in it up to their waists I on the other hand would be buried up to my neck lol   I'm only 4'9 . I have often said that I need to carry a flag with me in case I get stuck  in a snow drift , the only thing ya would see is the flag lol , The weather all over Canada is weird some places have been hammered by snow and really cold temperatures and other places have rain and warm temps weird or what !  I hope mother nature makes up her mind soon and sticks to one type of weather .            

We had our boys down for the weekend, of course Miggy loved that more people to play with and jump on in the morning to wake them up lol    It was a good weekend !  Not much planed for today as its raining and storming out, I will just read my book, tidy up some, maybe watch some tv and so on. Hope everyone had a good weekend, until next time my blogger friends have a great day!



internet pic



Unknown said...

Love this photo~ you share some of the cutest. We too, have been getting some weird weather. Today it is cold, cold, cold! Snowing and sleeting ~ icy roads!

Verde Farm said...

Oh I just love this photo. I can see my Pansy and Porter in galoshes. Stay dry and get that flag out just in case :)

Crystal said...

oh my! that picture is adorable!