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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Still Looking For More Signs



           Of Spring that is .!!!

                     I would like to thank you all for your birthday wishes yesterday .  I got lots of lovely cards and phone calls , it was a good B-day .

  Now back to Still looking for more signs of Spring …. Ok where the heck is it ! This month has been so out of whack and teasing us it isn’t funny any more !  

                                                                      This is what we got yesterday  afternoon…

MARCH 2014 (8 of 15)

                                                 Ok mother nature not funny any more I have had it with snow !

                                                        So I took photos of something colourful and in bloom !

MARCH 2014 (3 of 15)

        All three Geranium plants I had brought in from the fall have been blooming .

The salmon pink in the photo  above is my favourite colour .

MARCH 2014 (5 of 15)  MARCH 2014 (6 of 15)

  Then as the snow clouds passed  and moved on the sun came out for the evening and we got this !

MARCH 2014 (9 of 15)

                                                                          Now that’s more like it !!

MARCH 2014 (14 of 15)

                Mr Robin was chirping and singing with the others as the sun was setting   giving the indication by the colours in the sky  of a sunny day to come  .

This morning both Papa and I had to be up at 5:30 am  and out of the house by 6 am . So as I was getting ready which is wash face brush teeth  get dressed  and run a brush through my hair  , Papa was making our  tea in our travel mugs to take with us , cant function with out our morning cuppa tea lol .  Papa is used to that time as that is the time he  gets up for  work and  leaves for work  but Miggs and I are used to getting up at 7am  this time of year  come late spring  and  summer we get up with the sun   but  as it was she was not to impressed  , Miggs has separation anxiety so we don't go to  many places that we cant take her with us  . Any who  , I had to go to get an MRI   in a small city about an hour away at the hospital  so that was an early morning adventure .  As Papa and I came out of the hospital the sun was already up . We got home at about 8:45am  so not to long . Miggs was happy to see us ,Papa left for work and Miggs and I went for our morning walk  and are  all back to our normal routine .

      So the weather people  say we are to be getting spring like temps as of the next week   so I will and am still looking for more signs of spring  like  my   Tulips , Daffodils and Hyacinths  poking through the ground in the gardens  , no more  sudden snow falls creeping up  and warmer air and breezes  would be nice .

                                                   Thankfully the sun is melting the snow we got yesterday .

                                                                         Until next time my friends !

                                                                             Country Gal


Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that all is well with the MRI for you. xx

TexWisGirl said...

i hope the mri helps diagnose your pain...

LOVE the sky colors in that shot! wow!

Crystal said...

That first pic looks like a Christmas card! Too bad its not Christmas time when you took it, lol. They are forecasting warmer weather here next week too and I hope they are right this time!

Jane and Chris said...

Finger crossed for good results...oh, and a great big dollop of spring wouldn't go amiss either!!
Jane x

Faye Henry said...

Happy belated Birthday my friend.. Sorry I am late.. I wish you well with your test.. Praying all goes well for you.. Lovely pics as always.. Hope you got my email..xo

Pamela Gordon said...

Your geraniums look so pretty and bring a nice burst of colour indoors right now. I saved two this winter and they have been blooming quite a lot. I hope they will keep going when it comes time to put them outside. It's still blowing snow here even though we didn't get a lot come down. A nasty night. I've heard we might get single digit above freezing temperatures here next week too! That would be a nice change.

Michelle said...

Spring showed up and decided to take a break! lol

William Kendall said...

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are engaged in a running argument, it seems, and the old boy won't leave til it's done.

Anvilcloud said...

Indoor flowers are a good "goto" these days. I hope the MRI shows nothing seriously amiss.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

OOoh, I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday yesterday, so a Belated Happy Birthday wishes today !
I hope it was a lovely one for you.
Last week, I went through the same test, had to go in the "OPEN" MRI, the closed one drives me


DeniseinVA said...

Belated Happy Birthday from me too :) Hope your MRI tests come back quickly. I can just picture Miggy getting so excited when you and Papa got back home.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Life has been so crazy here that I seem to be missing my friends posts. Happy Belated Birthday to you! So glad you had a good one but what is this about an MRI? It is hard to get up in the winter, especially when it is dark outside. Soon though, we'll be up around 6:00. Hope you had a great day today. Please let me know how I can pray for you!

Willow said...

Happy belated Birthday !
Hope all goes well with your tests .
Geraniums blooming are always a good sign ~go away snow !

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Spring is such a tease, isn't she? One day, sweet sunshine and the next ~ more snow. But we are getting there. All we have to do is think of warmer days and tiny flowers, and there is a smile on our face and a spring in our step!

Sending hugs your way.