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Friday, March 14, 2014

Return Of More Spring Birds


It was noisy in our yard yesterday as we has at least 30 each of Redwing black birds Grackles and starlings in our yard at the feeders plus the other birds . I counted 10 different breeds all in our yard chowing down .

                                                       I took this video mainly for the sound  lol !


Sounds like a bird sanctuary in our yard


              With all these birds I get the opportunity to record or take lots of still photos ! Good thing I am a birder !

MARCH 2014 (22 of 23)

                                           The Three amigos lol ! more like trouble makers of the yard lol !

MARCH 2014 (9 of 23)

                                            I just love the way the male Cardinal's colours just pop in the winter .

MARCH 2014 (1 of 23)

                    Not a bird here lol but I thought it looked pretty cool , as ice formed to the window screen glittering in the morning sun !

MARCH 2014 (10 of 23)

                      There were so many Redwing blackbirds in this hedge all you could see was black mixed in with the snow !

MARCH 2014 (23 of 23)

                                                                                       Or at the feeders !

MARCH 2014 (20 of 23)

                                                      These two look like they are having a good old chat !

MARCH 2014 (13 of 23)

                   Despite the  winter storm we had  on Wed  , yesterday turned out to be quite the nice day . The sun was shining winds were calm sky was blue with not a cloud in it and all the birds and critters were happily pigging out and chasing each other !

                         MARCH 2014 (16 of 23)

            This squirrel looked like he was siting there rubbing his paws together like an evil critter

            planning his next evil  conniving move on the food  lol !

The sun has risen through the cloud this morning looking like the turn out of another nice day , temps are to climb to +6 and possible rain for this evening  . As I sit here typing I can  hear all the birds have already started breakfast lol !

Until next time my friends !

 Country Gal


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear all the bird sounds. We haven't seen the red wings yet but had huge flocks of starlings.

TexWisGirl said...

it truly is the sound of spring. :)

Patsy said...

The black birds will tell their friends.
We are back to just song birds after we stop feeding for a few days.

camp and cottage living said...

Nothing spells Spring louder than the chattering of the bird's!

Pamela Gordon said...

You have the redwings back there already? Wow. I'm still watching and waiting to spy one. The Goldfinches came back this week after about a month's absence. I think they must have found another feeder while we were away and they found me again and brought their friends. Enjoy your backyard birds and have a nice weekend.

Amy at love made my home said...

It looks as though it was a really sunny day!! xx

Primitive Stars said...

Oh so lovely to my ears, so beautiful. Sure sounds
Ike Spring, thanks Francine.

William Kendall said...

It looks exceedingly busy there!

You can see it just looking at him. That squirrel is a schemer.

Carla from The River said...

I found you over at My Ordinary Country Life.
What a fun blog. Thanks for sharing Spring with us. :-)

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Our first robins showed up today...I was so excited I emailed a whole bunch of people.


DeniseinVA said...

A lovely video Elaine, and great photos too. I love that sound and looks like Miggy was enjoying them as well. Neat effect of the ice on the screen.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Elaine from the looks of the yard visitors you did get out after the storm to fill the feeders. I do. Ot enjoy when the grackles and starlings come in great hordes and devour all the birdseed in such a short time. Lately, I have been rationing it so the smaller birds can still have some at late afternoon feeding time.

Willow said...

Ah the evil squirrel ! lol