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Friday, March 7, 2014

An Early Sign Of Spring


                    I know it is   .

It was a nice day yesterday the sun was shining not a cloud in the brilliant blue sky and the temps were pleasant . Miggs and I went for our morning walk , it is nice to walk on dried  clear roads now .  The sun has been rising and shining every day this week and the snow has been melting , I love it .


Later in the afternoon I went out  and about looking for things to photograph , for me that’s anything and everything lol  .  I found some things to photograph but not really all that exciting but what the heck  .

MARCH 2014 (6 of 13)

                                          Miggs laying in a small patch of grass catching some sun !

MARCH 2014 (4 of 13)

                                               Mr & Mrs Cardinal  having a late lunch picnic !

MARCH 2014 (8 of 13)

                                                               Blue Jays being cheeky and watching me !

MARCH 2014 (12 of 13)

                                                        Feeding frenzy at the feeders as there is every day !

         Not a lot to photograph I thought  so I popped in  and put my camera on the kitchen table turned around and came back out to enjoy the sunshine on the patio  . I looked at our berry tree with all it’s frozen berry's and saw a shape  of bird that I do  recognise  but thought NAH !  it’s too early for these guys they are spring and summer birds , well then I saw  one more, then one more soon there were 5 ,6 maybe 10 in the tree . I haven’t seen this many in one spot ever till yesterday .

                              MARCH 2014 (20 of 30)

                                                                                      Cedar Waxwings !

WOW ! and I didn't have  my camera with me OH SHOOT ! I said to myself , so I quickly and quietly ran back into the house grabbed my camera and  got closer to them.  I was right underneath them  , the closest  I have ever been and started snapping away , thankfully they were so busy feasting and gobbling down the berries they ignored every move I made !

                                                                         These are the photos I was able to take !

                                                      MARCH 2014 (13 of 30)

                                         I took tons of photos and they all turned out  pretty good but these are my fave !

MARCH 2014 (24 of 30)

MARCH 2014 (21 of 30)

         It was like they were posing for me  as well . Hey that’s ok strike a pose guys ! show me your best side !

click, click , click !!!

MARCH 2014 (30 of 30)

                                             I was more excited to see these guy’s then I was the Robins that are still here !

Well I got lucky with these guys waiting for me to get my camera and start snapping their photos , I think I will hang on to my camera from now on all the time I am out side  it will definitely  be a permanent fixture to me  lol !

             They did fly away for a bit  but then returned  in droves I counted 15 in our tree ,  by then I had plenty of photos so  I just watched them and enjoyed !!

               Sunny again today temps are to hit   2 °C  or 36°F  that’s  wonderful  , birds  are returning ,   weather warming up with lots of sunshine ! Seems like signs of spring to me !

                                                                            Until next time  my friends !

                                                                                  Country Gal


Dicky Bird said...

Nice photos of the wax wings! I especially like the one with the branch with berries hanging down and the wax wing is so proud looking. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this seems really early to see the waxwings in the garden. Lucky you going back and getting your camera. This surely is a good sign of spring.

Willow said...

Great shots of the waxwings .Sounds promising the birds know Spring is right around the corner .
I keep peeking, but don't see it here at our farm yet .lol

Anvilcloud said...

How fantastic for you! I don't imagine these guys will stay around long, but I might be wrong because I am not exactly a birdman.

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Gorgeous photographs... and how lucky are you to have captured those sweet visitors?

We are expecting a spring snowstorm today... no birds yet. But I'm listening and looking for the first signs. :)

Have a lovely one today,

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, oh lucky you, wonderful sign of Spring. Beautiful Waxwings, so pretty, Enjoy Francine.

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

Never seen a Cedar Waxwing, so many thanks for catching those visitors! Love the poses!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Wow! What photo captures! Especially the 'Feeding Frenzy' with the bird with fully out-stretched wings.... And the Cedar Waxwings...


Yes, temps going up around here too. We actually took a walk outside yesterday. !!!!!!!!!! :-))))))

TexWisGirl said...

awesome! just awesome!

Buttons said...

Oh I am excited not Cedar Waxwings are my very favourite I hope I see them soon oh yes Spring is coming. Great shots. Hug B

Pamela Gordon said...

Lovely photos of the cedar waxwings. I haven't seen any here yet this year so hopefully I'll hear them soon. They are quite noisy aren't they? Enjoy the weekend.

Jane and Chris said...

Do you know how excited this makes me? Stupid question ! You know!!
Jane x

Amy at love made my home said...

The birds must have known that you have been waiting for signs of spring, so they wanted to show off for you! So, that patch of grass - pretty exciting huh!! xx

Gail said...

What beautiful pictures! They do look like they're posing.

Kay said...

Love the photos and glad you are finally getting some "almost spring" weather.

William Kendall said...

I'd wondered why some berries cling to the trees through winter, but they provide a good meal for birds like this coming back from down south. Excellent shots!

Michelle said...

Miggs looks so handsome soaking up some sunshine.

Vee said...

What gorgeous pictures you were able to capture! Just so clear and beautifully framed.

DeniseinVA said...

Great photos Elaine, such a nice series of sunny pics. Not long now :)