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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Getting Closer


            Why Spring that is !!!

I am doing the happy dance now  lol !  Spring arrives March 20th  according to old farmers Almanac     which I have followed for many years !

Spring is pushing through here  , the birds have been singing their hearts out and all have been frisky  chasing each other around . The Robins who arrived a long time ago are now finally chirping and singing  .


MARCH 2014 (2 of 20)Flocks of Starlings are feasting on the grass patches every where  . Feeders are being emptied faster then I can fill them . Eastern Blue birds are flying around making their unusual yet pretty sounds , Grackles and Redwing black birds are all noisy with their sounds of songs and chatter making it seem like we are in the marsh  .

December Tundra Swans are  flying on their paths to migration  and Canadian Geese are making their spring flight back to the rivers and fields , Turkey Vultures have returned soaring for leftovers  , Papa said he saw Killdeer on his way home from work . The sun has risen so far every day and the days have been wonderful and bright and today it is to warm up to +4 . Each day more and more snow has melted  from the sun and the land that has warmed up as well .

                             Miggs enjoying the last bit of snow before tonight and tomorrows rains wash the rest away  !

                                                     MARCH 2014 (9 of 20)

                                                            MARCH 2014 (4 of 20)

                                                      MARCH 2014 (10 of 20)

                                                                      This mornings sun rise  over the valley!

MARCH 2014 (12 of 20)   The sun has changed it’s direction a bit each day as to where it rises and sets  and now rises earlier in the mornings and sets later in the evenings  which I love !

MARCH 2014 (18 of 20)

                                        This morning  as the  sun rises in the east  the moon  was setting in the west  .

                 For us here these are all signs of Spring  getting closer and shutting out old man winter for good !


                                                                       Until next time my friends !

                                                                       Country Gal


Jane of Levant said...

Beautiful pictures they certainly capture the essence of Spring - Jane UK

Patsy said...

It all makes us happy to see the signs of spring.

TexWisGirl said...

glad to see it reaching you!

Carla from The River said...

Love your photos. Spring seems so far away for us in Northwest Wisconsin. We are under a winter storm watch.
Think Positive....I say to myself. :-)

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Wonderful images. I'm just as excited as all those critters about the arrival of spring! After this long, hard winter...we're all happy that spring is here!

Pamela Gordon said...

Wow, you have some great signs of spring there Elaine. We haven't seen one returning bird here at all but I guess they'd like some grass, even the brown kind, to land on and some warm temperatures to keep them warm. Not here yet. Great pictures!

Jane and Chris said...

I always love when you post about the signs of means it's coming my way.
Jane x
PS The redwings haven't arrived...did you show them where I am on the map?

William Kendall said...

Today spring still feels a long, long way off!

Faye Henry said...

Oh, Elaine that is great.. Your Spring is ahead of us but it will be here soon, too.. Remember your starling poem.. I still love it.. xo