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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Spotlight


The weather is cooler  with a faint breeze but the humidity is beginning to rear it’s ugly head as the day goes on  . These photos I took yesterday . The heat wave last week kept me indoors  so yesterday I was able to get out into my gardens !

Summer 2013 (7 of 78)

Papa's Hydrangea or as we call it Incredaball bush is huge and so are the heads of flowers !

Summer 2013 (32 of 78)

                         Bumble bees and different types of butterfly’s were enjoying the coneflowers !

Summer 2013 (44 of 78)

Summer 2013 (40 of 78)

This morning  Papa cut the grass and I cleaned out all my nectar feeders and re filled them ! Haven't had to many Hummers here this year at all . I have a little tip here for all of you that put up nectar feeders that will help ward off wasps and other bees and even ants from feasting on the nectar and bothering the birds !

With a Q-tip or you can use your finger if you like  and some Vim gel . Place a small amount of Vim on  either and rub all around the edge of the hole and the edge where the bottle and base meet, just be careful not to get any inside . Birds like Hummers and Orioles do not touch the out side of the feeders they stick their beaks right in the holes and sup up the nectar with their long tongues and never touch the outside of the feeders ! The bees and ants cant stand the smell or taste of the Vim ! It works wonderfully to keep the pesky bugs out and away from the feeders and lets the birds drink in peace !

                               Summer 2013 (54 of 78)

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DeniseinVA said...

Thanks for the great tip for hummingbird feeders. Your photos are always amazing and so enjoyable. Happy Sunday to you :)

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

That is an interesting tip I'll try at the hummer and oriole feeders. I put duck tape at the bottom of the pole to stop the ants from climbing up. You captured some nice butterfly images today. I've been trying to get a monarch photo but it is so flighty!

Thank goodness for cooler temperatures today and no humidity. We were able to enjoy lunch outside today, haven't done that for ages as it has been just way too humid.

Vintage Gal said...

Beautiful pictures. Oh I know how you feel with the humidity. Luckily today, it has stayed away. Enjoy your day ;-)

Primitive Stars said...

Hi, nice and cool here lately, loving it too.....glad you got out into the the Incredaball,, looks amazing and the Cone flowers, my fav......thanks for the great tip, wasps are crazy here....Blessings Francine.

Michelle said...

Beautiful flowers. I always love seeing the cone flowers in the fields.

Jane and Chris said...

I do so want an hydrangea bush!
Jane x

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

butterflies, and a really incrediball, what a beaut.


missy said...

Amazing pictures..Wish mine were that crisp..

Linda said...

Oh ...yes...the Hydrangeas are HUGE this year!
And your butterfly shots are fabulous...
Great job!

Linda :o)

Gail said...

You have featured two of my favorite flowers beautifully.