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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Micro Moments


I went around yesterday and took some Micro shots of our blooms .   I was out there for not even an hour and the humidity was awful , I was sweltering ! but for the sake of taking photos I sweated it out and this is what I came up with !

Summer 2013 (6 of 36)

Summer 2013 (2 of 36) 

                 This year we have planted  many types and colours of cone flowers in the back garden . 

     Summer 2013 (4 of 36)   Summer 2013 (5 of 36)

Summer 2013 (16 of 36)

Summer 2013 (9 of 36)

                                                                      I love Tiger Lilies !

Summer 2013 (11 of 36)

                                       The inside of a bloom on our Fox Glove plant !

Summer 2013 (15 of 36)

           This little guy was drinking the dew off of the bloom that was created by the humidity !

                                                            I guess blooms sweat to !

Summer 2013 (23 of 36)

Summer 2013 (26 of 36)

                                        Our Clematis by the big old tree is finally blooming !

Summer 2013 (31 of 36)

            African Daisy , I love any daisy type flower ! I have a purple one to but  it is in a rest period !

Summer 2013 (36 of 36)

Summer 2013 (34 of 36)

My Giant Lilies in the front garden !

                           Summer 2013 (35 of 36)

Summer 2013 (32 of 36)

            My Salmon pink Geranium is full of blooms as are all the others , this colour is my fave !

Summer 2013 (33 of 36)

Micro photography really shows the perfection of each petal and what goes on in and on the blooms Nature  it is so wonderful  !

Cloudy and very humid here today . We had a storm last night so all these blooms are happy and well watered !

                                            Until next time , hope you have a good day !


                                                            Thanks for popping by !

                                                             Country Gal


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Just gorgeous! We have many of the same flowers. Happy Sunday! xo

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

It was a fruitful outing ! nice !

Gill - That British Woman said...

just gorgeous. You can't see our flowers for weeds as it is just too flipping hot for me in the garden at the moment. I hate this heat and humidity.


Lois Evensen said...

Very pretty summer flowers! Nice shots. :)

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful flowers and images! Happy Sunday!

Debbie Borthwick said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! My cone flowers are in bud but still a bit away from blooming, nice to see yours already are.
I've been 'offline' for a couple of months, I really need to get back at it. But life is so busy right now! lol
Debbie :)

Crafty Gardener said...

Gorgeous macro shots. I love using that setting on the camera.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I am sending you wishes for a cooling and drying breeze..every gardener needs those some days.

Our humidity is gone, but the hot hot temps are settling in.

Great shots.


Deborah Jean at Dandelion House said...

I love your micro moments Elaine...
What type of lens do you have? I've been thinking about getting one for my Nikon DSL 30

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Thank you for enduring the heat and humidity and sharing these beautiful shots with us.
I share your love of all the blooms you've shown, even weeds are flowers too so the old quote says :)
Have a wonderful day Elaine.

Primitive Stars said...

Evening, so beautiful, I do love Coneflowers, all your flowers are wonderful....Thanks for sharing, Keep Cool, Francine.

D. Jean Quarles said...

I love lilies too. Beautiful photos.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Beautiful blooms, Elaine. Wandering around the yard and capturing the beauty all around is a wonderful way to spend some time. Same weather here and we could use some rain.

Julie Marie said...

Just gorgeous!... and I LOVE your Tiger Swallowtail on your header!... xoxo Julie Marie

Pat said...

All gorgeous shots, but I especially love your header shot!

Maria at inredningsvis said...

GREAT POST:)Your blog is so lovely.

If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration...check out my blog:)

Have a great day dear

LOVE Maria at

Judy said...

No wonder it took an hour to capture the whole garden!! I am so glad that you did, and that you have shared the results!!!

DeniseinVA said...

What a gorgeous variety of flowers you have in your garden. You must have a wonderful green thumb. Thanks for sharing these with Today's Flowers, and have a great week :)

Karen said...

A beautiful series, definitely worth the sweat!

Modern Mom said...

Beautiful macros. Hope you'd find time to visit Layered.

Maria @ LSS said...

Gorgeous blooms. I'd like to invite you to join and share with us your Orange pics at Orange You Glad It's Friday.