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Monday, July 29, 2013

Horsing Around


Hello ..Hope you all had a good weekend !

As some of you may know Papa and I are members of a horse club called Evergreen Meadows Saddle club as their photographers ! The events are held in the small town of Aylmer at the fair grounds ! Spectators are very welcome and we find that at each event there are more and more spectators and members .

Saturday was raining here so Papa and I spent the best part of the day going through our photos from past events from our horse club and putting together photo albums and designing a new business card just for horse events or for anyone who would like us to come to their farm/ranch and take photos of them and their horses  .

Summer 2013 (1 of 1)

Our saddle club holds a day of events every last Sunday of the month as a lot of the riders travel and attend other events through out the rest of the months . We set up our table with the albums and DVD’s of events and a few other bits and pieces that we do ! Some people just look and others place their order !

The weather was perfect … cloudy with sunny periods and a nice cool breeze perfect for horse and rider !

We took Miggs with us for the first time as I wanted her to be able to get used to horses and hoped things would go well on her part as she has never been around a horse and the horses there are all used to dogs as most of the riders have dogs ! Well .. Miggs loved it all . She was so interested as to what they were and did a lot of nose kissing with the horses which  we are so happy that she took to them right away ! Papa and I took turns at each event taking photos so one of us could be with Miggs and walk around and visit .

The events help the youngsters with their confidents and getting to know their ponies better !

Summer 2013 (407 of 461)

This little girl  who is 4 years old and her pony Curious George were just so darn cute and boy can she ride ! Some riders enter all the events and some pick and choose which ones they want to be in . This event is timed and you have to ride one side of the barrel pick up the stick then ride down to the other barrel go around it , then ride back to the first barrel and get the stick back in !She did a great job !

Summer 2013 (406 of 461)

Summer 2013 (81 of 461)

                                       Some riders are more advanced then others but it is all in fun .

Summer 2013 (173 of 461)

                       This young girl’s horse is quite big for her but boy can she handle it well !

Summer 2013 (218 of 461)

                         Then we had some pro barrel racers that really pumped up the action !

                    It was a great day filled with fun, frolic and lots of photos ! Papa and I took between the two of  us over a 1000 photos …lots to choose from for our website and the riders  !

           We left the house at 9 am … takes us twenty five minuets to get there and got home by 4pm . Miggs was exhausted from her day of horsey kisses , different smells , cuddles and pats from people and fresh air and fun …  Papa and I  were tired  to but it was a good tired   !

              All in all it is always a great day at the club events and even better now that we can take our Miggs with us to join in the fun  and have a day of Horsing Around !

                                         Until next time … Hope you all have a great day !

                                                     Country Gal


Gill - That British Woman said...

I have to say I didn't really know much about horses until our neighbours moved in. The more I learn about horses the more I like about them. The little girl in the first photo is a cutie.


Jane and Chris said...

I hope you have photos of Miggs with the horses!

Margaret Adamson said...

HI That was great to watch especially that young girl of 4. She was brave. Glad the dog enjoyed it also. I'm sure she waa tired as well