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Wednesday, July 20, 2011



It is brutal out there and only going to get worse through out the week ! Thank goodness for AC ! We haven't had a stich of rain for 4 weeks. I guess I will be doing a lot of reading indoors in the cool. I went out early this morning to feed the birds and make sure they had clean fresh water to drink and I was sweltering, by the look of me ya would of thought I just ran a marathon in the heat, can you imagine being like the animals with their fur coats in this heat  WOW ! just the thought makes me want to jump in a freezer !  Bad enough getting hot flashes these days but having them on top of the heat and humidity UNBEARABLE ! Miggy is sleeping in the nice cool, she will try to go out every now and then just to check on the yard then she will be at the door barking to come in where it is nice and cool, she’s no dummy she knows its cool in the house lol . So on that note , hope you all stay nice and cool where ever you are and have a great day !


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C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

That waterfall is gorgeous!... it is getting terribly hot here too... and Tessy doesn't like it either... I think we will both get in her little wading pool I bought her today!... xoxo Julie Marie

Mama-Bug said...

That water in the photo looks so inviting! Very pretty, is that a favorite spot?

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Good Morning!
Oh my gosh that waterfall looks SO good ...wish we had something like that near us so we could get under that water and cool off! Sounds as though you're having some hot dry weather up there in Ontario too. My relatives in Manitoba have had a very wet spring and summer it seems and in British Columbia where my kids live it's the same thing. I think I'd rather have the heat but then after a while it's not so nice anymore. You stay cool up there and we'll try and stay cool down here. Enjoy your day!
Maura :)

Homesteading Chic said...

It's really hot here too! My kids are not happy that they can't go out to play, but the heat index is over 100. Keep cool!


Patsy said...

You poor thing, I know how you feel I flash too!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's HOT HOT HOT and humid too here on the VA eastern shore, Elaine. Temps are climbing higher towards the end of the week when we're supposed to be around 99 and heat indices of 100+. Can we all get under that sprinkler that Miggy was playing with? The rocking chairs are great. We have 3 on our front porch.