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Wednesday, July 13, 2011



Miggy and I got up early this morning not long after Papa had left for work . I had a feeling it was nice and cool out, I was right, so I turned off the AC and opened up the windows . The breeze was cool and fresh and the humidity was gone for now. I made my tea and Miggy and I went out to feed the birds and critters and refresh the water in the bird bath, as the clouds from the night slowly cleared  as the sunrise gently kissed the start of the day and Miggy did her rounds of the yard. The fresh smell of flowers , grasses  and the smell of the lake water that's not far from us was in the cool breeze, as the echo of the birds and  the farm animals down the road surrounded me. I watered my gardens before the sun was full and strong as the flowers seemed to wake up and smile at me as the water and the cool air was upon them. The birds were busy flying from feeder to feeder and the odd butterfly flew past as Miggy tried to catch it. After I fed the birds and watered the gardens I sat on the porch  with Miggy by my side ,drank my tea and enjoyed the cool wonderful morning filled with sites and sounds of nature. This is my favourite type of morning to wake up to !DSC_0009

I had to carefully take Macro photos of the inside of this wild mushroom whilst it was still attached to the log, how did I do that , turned my camera upside down and point it up inside and hope for the best lol !


      Ever  seen up close the inside of a wild mushroom  and what goes on in it , let me show you !





                          Until next time , hope you all have a wonderful day !

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C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oooh your photos are just wonderful!... how fun that you took the photos upside down... love seeing Nature so up close and personal... xoxo Julie Marie

Lorilee said...

Love those mushroom picts! Send some cool air to south Texas! It is hot and humid here.

Gail said...

Fantastic photographs and a fantastic day...nothing could beat this!

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

WOW, now that sure beats laying on the ground trying to inch up under that log. Amamzing Macro shots. Looks like white sheets rippling in the wind. I see you like taking picture up close. I hope you dont mind if I hang around and visit. Thank you for taking us on your cool morning stroll through the garden.

God bless your day.