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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Today is soo hot we have spent the day indoors were its nice and cool ! We went early this morning to pick up our youngest son James, he is spending the week here with us ! Yesterday Papa and his dad put  in a hose hook up for me for my front gardens !



                                                           Miggy is supervising !


                It was very hot day yesterday as well so I made lots of lemonade for the guys !


                                 Papa in his red overalls just sweltering , poor guy !


                                                                          Say cheese Papa !   

                                   After they were done we just puttered around and stayed cool !

                       Until next time, hope you all have a great day and stay nice and cool !

                                                      COUNTRY GAL





Laura said...

After several perfect weather days, it is HOT here too! Did some outside work earlier, but didn't clean my chicken coop yet. STINKY job in this heat! Oh well. Lucky I only have six of them.
Now a/c in our house, but plenty of fans.
Hope you can stay cool!

Gail said...

Now that's the cat's meow...instant water. How proud you must be. With this heat, you will need it and now it is very handy for your plants.