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Monday, July 11, 2011


How are you all doing. I took a small blog break and am now ready to get back into blog land ! I didn't realize how much I would miss it till now even if I haven't much to say at the time  or have bloggers block ! The weather is soo hot and humid they have warnings out of it on the news !

James our youngest son was down for the week as part of his summer vacation, it was great spending time with him and having some one here with me during the week, we didn't go anywhere cause the weather was wayyy to hot and humid ! So James and I just puttered around the house and gardens and kept our selves busy , he helped to do something's like the laundry, set the table for meals, put the dishes away, just small things but it was a big help and when we are both in the kitchen doing things it gets pretty funny, as I am the type that doesn't like some one hanging around the kitchen when I am cooking or making something but with him it gets quite comical !

A few photos that I took of James !


James at my computer typing his resume for a summer job that he has already been offered,see the nice people who own and operate a Ma and Pa restaurant near were James lives and goes to from time to time had offered him a job  and the nice lady asked him to make a resume for her for the experience and even though he has the job they also wanted to interview him so he knows how it works. I think that was wonderful of her , they are helping him get the experience of his first job!


                                                     Cutting the grass for Papa !



James had a tear in his shirt so whilst he was cutting the grass I sewed his shirt for him out on our back porch were it is nice and shady !


                                James and Miggy playing tug with her rope toy !



                             James was laughing so hard Miggy nearly pulled him over !



                                         Resting on the swing after playing !


         Do ya think Miggy might of been sticking her tongue out at a squirrel as if to say NANANA !


     Miggy decided to climb up on James and give him a doggie hug  These two are best buds , all of James friend's on face book has seen photos of Miggy right from when she was a small pup till now and the new word of there's that describes wonderful is epic so Miggy is epic according to James and all his friends !  James has gone home now and all is quiet at Our Country Cove well kid quiet any way, still have all the sounds of the birds and critters thankfully and Miggy is still Miggy no matter who is or isn't visiting !

          Until next time , hope you all have a cool and wonderful day were ever you are !


Patsy said...

Glad to see you are back ,looks like you and Papa have lots of good help.

fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a nice visit

Leontien said...

Whhoooohooo!!! Glad to see you back!
I hope you have a wonderful day too!